Marty Scurll Isn’t Sure If He Ever Wants To Go To WWE

Nov 22, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with The Ross Report (via Wrestling Inc), Marty Scurll said that he isn’t sure if he ever wants to go to WWE, but if he did it’d be under his terms.

Here are highlights:

On having creative freedom: “For a lot of places, to get back to [Ross’] question, I have a lot of creative freedom. NJPW, for example, last year, Wrestle Kingdom, I decided I was going to do this big, elaborate entrance where I came out with these mechanical wings. I don’t think I even told New Japan about that. I just turned up with them because in my head, it’s, ‘okay, I’m in this match, there are four of us, there [are] a lot of big stars on the show, Chris Jericho on the show, Kenny Omega, all these big matches. I’ve got to maximize my minutes. How can I steal the show somewhat?’ I’m like, ‘okay, well, I do have an entrance. Just make sure it’s the best entrance on the show. I can control that, so stuff like that.” Scurll added, “Ring Of Honor, I’ve had a really good time recently. Ring Of Honor has always been about young, hungry talent, and going out there and leaving it all in the ring.”

On the independent wrestling scene: “I think it really speaks volumes as to how far the [pro] wrestling scene has come in the previous five years even. When I came into wrestling it was after the time WCW had been bought out, ECW had been bought out, so there [were not] a lot of options for guys. It was go to WWE or not. Most recently with the growth of things like New Japan and even companies like Ring Of Honor and stuff we’ve been doing, it [has] given us another platform to make money and not just provide for our families, but make good money. We’ve got out shirts in every single mall in America now. We’re running stadium shows now. There are Pop! Funkos out there for us. It’s like, ‘wow’. We’re in a position now where maybe we don’t have to work in the WWE to make good money.” Scurll continued, “and obviously there is something very satisfying about being your own boss. Like, as an independent contractor, [pro] wrestlers are always independent contractors, but they’ll always be questioned, ‘oh, are they really independent contractors?’ Right, but myself, I’ll be an independent contractor and I’m going to make sure that I am my own boss, that I pick my own hours. I’m going to make my own business decisions. I’m going to be where I want to be when I want to be and that’s really cool.”

On if he’d go to WWE: “Most of the jobs I had when I was younger, I got fired from. I never had the attention span. I had good grades in school, but I was always in trouble. I used to get suspended and I’m not very good at being told what to do. And that’s a fault of mine for sure, but in this wrestling, I feel like I can make it work. So, like I said before, I’m always going to work best, I think, doing things on my own. In terms of WWE, great company, I’m not sure if that’s ever something that I would really want to do. At the same time, I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t thought about doing my entrance, for example, at a WrestleMania. I’m sure that could be a hell of a production and something the fans can really get behind. And it just has to be on the right terms.” Scurll added, “it always has to be what’s best for me.

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