Lana On Finding Out About Becky Lynch’s Injury As It Happened

Nov 22, 2018 - by James Walsh

In an interview with, Lana spoke about finding out about Becky Lynch’s injury immediately after it happened during an in-ring segment on RAW, and her reaction to it. Here are highlights:

On what happened in the ring: “Yea, I mean [in] WWE, we’re a contact sport so anything can happen but at the same time, we’re trained professionals and trained storytellers. Becky was leading this attack, which was really really exciting to be a part of it. And the next thing I know, I pick up Dana [Brooke] to punch her in the face and she’s covered in blood. Her whole face is just blood and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh’. We’re told not to continue hitting if there’s blood. We’ve to get a doctor, we have to look out [for them]. It’s a fight but at the same time, things will get stopped. I was told to get a doctor and a ref for Becky and I tried to make it over to the ring – to that side where the doc is, and told them. There was a towel involved…but Becky, she is tough. One of the toughest girls I know out there. And she just continued. She’s one of my favorite people and I have learned so much from her. I really wouldn’t be where I am in the ring if it wasn’t for her. She has taught me so much.”

On Dana Brooke’s role in the incident: “Actually Dana was the person that said that Becky [was injured]. I thought Dana was hurt because she was covered in blood – but it was actually Becky’s blood that was all over Dana. And so it was actually Dana who told me, you need to go get the doctor and the ref right now, and it’s kind of taking people behind the curtain of what we do, but we’re actors and storytellers and it’s a contact sport – but we look after each other and we care.”

On how everyone reacted: “I think there was so much going on. people in the ring didn’t know what was happening. Nia Jax – I don’t think she even knew that she had hit Becky to that extent. So many bodies are going all over the place. That’s why when I picked up Dana, I literally thought she was busted open. She was covered in Becky’s blood and telling me what to do. Then the doctors found out and the ref found out [after that]. Because it all happened so far. You know, we were attacking these girls. I’m very thankful for Dana letting me know that so we could tell the ref and the doctor.”

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