EC3 to Return as a ‘New Man’, Main Roster Call Up?

Nov 22, 2018 - by James Walsh

In the first, EC3 talks about his return on next week’s episode. He promises to be ‘a new man’ and will dominate anyone that stands in his way. The second video recaps the lead-up to War Games and the match itself”

In the latest edition of PWInsider Elite Audio (via SportsKeeda), it was speculated that EC3 would have likely been called up to the main roster if not for a concussion he suffered after NXT Takeover: Brooklyn IV. He lost to the Velveteen Dream at that event. EC3 was reportedly always seen as ready for the main roster and was likely scheduled for a call-up on the RAW or Smackdown after Summerslam. Now WWE is reportedly waiting until they can find him a good spot and storyline before they call him up again.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson suggested that NXT itself will have some big changes in the next year. He added: “It all has to do with when Vince is ready for somebody and whether Triple H is ready to let them go or not. So you can’t rush everyone up at once. I really think the entire makeup of NXT is going to change in the upcoming year as there is more talk of international satellite versions of that company showing up.”

The latest call-up will be Lars Sullivan, who is already getting vignettes on TV.

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