Big Show Jokes About Drake Maverick

Nov 22, 2018 - by James Walsh

WWE Superstar the Big Show recently appeared on Busted Open Radio. Below are some highlights (transcript via and a full video of his recent appearance.

Big Show on his issues with Drake maverick: “I have to tell you a funny story, Bully. So, the manager for AOP, what’s his name? Drake Maverick? He keeps popping up on my social media feed talking trash and I’m like, what is this dude’s issue? I mean, he needs to take my name out of his mouth, you know what I mean? I’ve dated women bigger than him. He needs to shut up. I call the office and go, hey, before I rip this guy’s head off why is he talking trash? They tell me that he is my opponent [along with AOP] against The Bar at Survivor Series, so I’m like, oh thanks for telling me. That makes sense why he’s running his mouth. See you at Survivor Series where I introduce him to a chop.”

Big Show on thinking Maverick was a writer at first: “I didn’t know who [Maverick] was for the longest time. I thought he was one of the writers backstage. Then someone said that he is on the show. Half of the time now, I mean, I am old, I haven’t been around this past year and we’ve got some talent that looks like that they should be writers and we have some writers that appear to be in better shape than the talent. I am all confused. I don’t know what to do.”

Big Show on not remembering everyone backstage: “I’m not ragging on anybody. The business is different and all of these guys are working hard. They are taking advantage of opportunities and I don’t take away from anyone wanting to take advantage of an opportunity. I mean, you know back in our day if we were given an opportunity we would take it no matter what and these guys are getting an opportunity. Good for them, but please don’t let me know your entire history and what you have done. You would be really lucky if I knew your name if we worked together, you know? Then I can bond with you. If I had been in the ring with you and we had been on a couple of tours together like a Europe Tour or something like that, then you would really get to know somebody. But to remember all of those people backstage I don’t have a clue. I am just nice to everybody backstage.”

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