Steve Austin talks about getting a custom motorcycle

Nov 21, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Man, I think Harley Davidsons are pretty cool, but I remember when I had that West Coast Chopper built by Jesse James way back in the day when I lived in Malibu, California. Four of the guys from WWE are going to get custom choppers built and one guy dropped out. Big Show says, ‘Hey, Steve, we’re all going to get choppers. They’re going to give us a pretty good deal on them. Do you want one? West Coast Choppers, Jesse James is going build them.’ I said, ‘Yeah, man. Sounds good.’ Two years later, I’m living out in Malibu, California. Here comes the delivery truck bringing this badass s–t. Man, I’m talking about a nine, 10-foot long chopper. Long ass front forks, black and metal flake flames on the gas tank, a skull in the middle of it. It was unbelievable.”

Source: The Steve Austin Show

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