Mick Foley on being Raw GM: ““It was a tough job”

Nov 21, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Mike Foley was a guest on the Not Sam Wrestling podcast hosted by Sam Roberts and talked about the tough job he faced being the RAW GM and then getting “fired” by Stephanie on live TV. Apparently, he faced a lot of backlash online from fans when he was the RAW GM.

Foley On The Difficulties He Faced With Being WWE RAW General Manager: “It was a tough job, and the strange thing about it was the unparalleled negativity from the fan base on social media, who apparently thought WWE really allowed a 53-year-old with a fanny pack to run a billion-dollar corporation,” he said. “Most of the comments will be negative, and I did have some say in certain instances, and part of that job was to see which battles to fight and why. There would be times when I would talk to Mr. McMahon and say that I would like to handle this on my own. I had some words, and how I say something is more important than what I say. If I had left six or seven lasting impressions in the eight-month span then that is a pretty good track record.”

On His “Firing” By Stephanie McMahon: “I definitely needed some weeks off, and let’s just say in the interim period, let’s just say Mr. McMahon found a shinier toy [Kurt Angle] and I was no longer needed in that spot, but I had a great eight months, and the only thing you can ask for is a good send off, and instead of a soap opera where I would be killed off, I had a glorious firing by Stephanie McMahon,” Foley said. “It really was. The week before when I had the face to face confrontation with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, it was one of the best moments that I had in the past 10 years in the business. I had that post pay-per-view rush that I hadn’t had in a long time, which was all I could ask for.”

(The Spotlight)

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