Angelo Demonio Suspended Indefinitely From Wrestling In Mexico After The Cuervo Incident

Nov 21, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

The Mexican wrestler has been indefinitely suspended by the Mexico City Boxing and Wrestling Commission for blindsiding wrestler Cuervo by throwing a concrete block to the back of his head. The incident took place at the November 19 Lucha Libre Boom/Lucha Memes/Generacion XXI show at the Arena Lopez Mateos in Tlalnepantla.

The full announcement can be seen in Spanish in the tweet below and an English translation can be read below as well.

Present Promoters:
Through this medium I chose to let you all know, based on the events that transpired yesterday Monday, November 19 this year at the Arena Lopez Mateos in the semifinal bout, the wrestler “Angel o Demonio,” committed an excessively aggressive action against the wrestler “El Cuervo de Puerto Rico,” which created a grave injury and according to the rules of Mexico City Boxing and Wrestling Commission has made the following considerations:

First: The wrestler “Angel o Demonio,” and/or Hector Perez has been suspended indefinitely throughout the state territory and will be looking to touch base with the other commissions in the country to back this point up.

Second: Warrant of hearing is granted to the CC. Hector Guzman Herrera and Juan Morales Mejia, promoter and organizer if the November 19 event, respectively, must explain why such an extreme match took place since such function 123/CBLLPEM/2018 states that “Extreme Wrestling” or so-called “Anything Goes” matches are prohibited in the territorial state.
Juan Jose Herrera Rodriguez
Executive Secretary of Mexico City Boxing and Wrestling Commission

According to a Facebook post by Angel o Demonio, he hinted at the reasoning of him throwing the block being a receipt for hard chair shots delivered by Cuervo earlier in the match. “If we count the chair shots to my back…I’ll leave it at this,” he posted.

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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