Ronda Rousey Recalls Facing Charlotte Flair on Short Notice

Nov 18, 2018 - by James Walsh

Ronda Rousey released a pre-Survivor Series Q&A session on her YouTube channel, talking about her scheduled match against Charlotte Flair. You can check out the video and some highlights below.

Rousey on facing Charlotte for the first time: “I always thought about facing Charlotte ever since I thought about wrestling at all — though technically this match is on short notice, I’ve been preparing for this one the longest. Yeah, it’s surprising it’s coming on short notice, but look who you’re talking to. Born ready.”

Ronda Rousey on how she’s mentally prepared: “I think having a life of being prepared for high-pressure situations prepares me for — I always say that sports are a metaphor for life, and a fight is almost like a life in itself in miniature. If I can — if I’m supposed to be ready for anything coming at me with a split-second of notice, I’ve been conditioned from a young age to always be prepared for anything. I mean, you guys know my mom used to wake me out of a dead sleep with armbars. Every time she’d jump on me, she’d go, ‘Always be ready!’ That was like her thing she would yell, and she would jump on me. So, I was raised to be ready.”

Ronda Rousey on prepping for a new opponent on short notice: “If it was my absolute preference I would probably choose to have more experience and be more developed in the ring before I would have the opportunity to share it with someone like Charlotte Flair. But you know, opportunities come when they come. I’m ready to seize it, I’ve succeeded at crazier things before and I was thrown into the WWE deep end since day one, and I haven’t drowned yet. Keep sending them my way, I’ll keep doing my absolute best to keep surpassing expectations.”

Rousey on taking her first steel chair shot: “It was so cool, it was really, really cool. It was really cool, actually, to get my first chair shot. I was almost honored to be in that kind of setting, to get my first chair shot.”

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