David Arquette slices his neck with light tube during indy wrestling death match

Nov 17, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

David Arquette, the Hollywood star who is also a former WCW champion, made headlines yesterday for participating in an indy wrestling death match that sometimes was too uncomfortable to watch.

Arquette has lately decided to give professional wrestling a go and has been working his butt off to win the respect of his peers and fans. The 47-year-old star, who is a long-time wrestling fan, won the WCW title in April 2000 after he was brought in for a storyline to coincide with his leading role of the WCW movie Ready to Rumble.

His involvement last night at the Joey Janela LA Confidential show for Game Changer Wrestling saw him wrestling Nick Cage in a death match that was filled with blood, light tubes, pizza cutters, and everything else that might make you go “Holy sh*t!”

At one point, after Arquette got hit in the head with a light tube, Cage proceeded to continue to hit him with the broken tube, slicing up his neck which resulted in blood being sprayed all over the ring. Arquette looked a bit freaked out from the videos, started holding his neck and walked out of the ring, before returning for the finish, where he lost. The Hollywood star though no-sold the finish and walked right out after the pinfall.

Later on Twitter, Arquette said that he got all stitched up and doing okay but admitted that death matches aren’t his thing so it looks like his first death match is going to be his last one!

You can see some videos from the match below. Be warned that they are very graphic.

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