One more match?

Nov 15, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

On the latest edition of the “Oh You Didn’t Know?” podcast, Brad Shepard stated that Shawn Michaels will wrestle at least one more time in the WWE after returning to the ring at WWE Crown Jewel.

He said: “I was talking with a source in WWE about the Shawn Michaels situation. Obviously, he had a total disaster of a match at Crown Jewel. It looked like mid-2000’s TNA stuff. So what I’m told now is more than likely he will wrestle again still. The plan, to begin with, was multiple matches but after that disaster of a performance that changed things. But what I’m told is more likely than not you’re gonna get HBK vs an AJ Styles or Daniel or kinda a nostalgia match like an Undertaker again. So he is going to wrestle at least once more, maybe more, but he will wrestle once more. But it’s going to be one of those two scenarios.“

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