Spoilers: 11/13/18 Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results

Nov 14, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

source: WrestlingInc


* Su Yung vs Alisha Edward. Su wins with the Panic Switch. Good match from both ladies.

* Katarina defeated Lisa Lace with a swinging back breaker.


* Eli Drake vs Tommy Dreamer. Eli gets himself counted fairly early in the match, but Josh announces that Impact management says the match will be restarted and it will be no disqualification. The usual hardcore brawl with beer, chairs and a rowing paddle? (Yes, I loved it.) Eli got a big near fall with The Gravy Train, but Tommy just kicked out. Eli wraps a chair around Tommy’s neck and hammers in the throat with the rowing paddle to finally win. Eli leaves with the paddle.

* Rey Cray vs “The Wera Loca” Taya Valkyrie. Taya has a new hip-hop song. Taya won with a modified STF. Quick match. Tessa Blanchard attacks from behind. The referee tries to pull her off but she chokes him from behind. Other referees and officials tried to get her off, but Tessa won’t stop. Gail Kim then comes down and throws finally her off. Taya recovers and attacked Tessa, but Blanchard escapes.

* 10 man tag: Willie Mack, Rich Swann, The Rascalz, Trey, Wentz & Xavier vs “All Ego” Ethan Page, Matt Sydal, OVE (Dave & Jake Crist) & “The Draw” Sami Callihan. Willie Mack gets the victory for his team when he catches Dave with a Stunner from the second rope. Sami attacks Willie after, and The Crists set up a table. Dave lifts Mack up on his shoulders, and Jake is on top of Sami’s and he jumps into a cutter putting Willie through the table. Swann recovers and lays in front of Willie to try to prevent any more punishment, and OVE just leaves. Wild, wild long great match.

“We want Scarlett” chants begin, but instead we got… Trevor Lee. So it’s Trevor Lee vs Killer Kross next. Kross gets the submission win The Straight Jacket. He gets the mic and wishes Johnny good luck. Kross grabs a stage crew member and orders him to hold a cinder block in front Trevor’s face in a corner and punched it.

* Allie (w/ Su Yung) vs Kiera Hogan. Kiera is all over Allie from the start. Allie wins, and Su attacks Kiera after, but Jordynn Grace makes the save.

Eli Drake is here next, and he has the boat paddle. He taunts the fans by asking if they’re upset because he took out some flippy and hardcore guys. Eli said he’s being forced into a Monster’s Ball match at Homecoming against Abyss. Dreamer’s music plays and he’s back with a chair. He knocks Eli down and the lights go out and Raven is in the ring. He and Tommy go nose-to-nose. Eli eggs on Raven, but he received a double clothesline, and retreats.

* Gama Singh comes down and dedicates the next match to Scarlett. It’s Rohit Raju & Raj Singh vs KM & Fallah Bahh. Scarlett appears on the ramp just as the match is about to begin and watches in a chair. Bahh puns Raj with the Banzai drop. Before he hits it, he hums the beginning to Scarlett’s music. Scarlett looks impressed and blows him a kiss before leaving, which Bahh loved.

Josh is in the ring and introduces Taya Valkyrie & Tessa Blanchard. Josh introduced Taya first. Taya says Tessa no respect for authority, that’s not how a champion acts and at Homecoming The Wera Loca will be all over that. Tessa says what would she know about being a champion would be? Only her husband would-and he’s not very good at that! Tessa says she may have took some shortcuts, but she’s still the champion. Josh says that Impact management has made Gail Kim the special referee for the match. Gail appears onstage for a few moments and then left.

* Last match for Impact: Fenix & Pentagon Jr. vs Brian Cage & Johnny Impact. Some miscommunication between Brian & Johnny lead to Fenix getting the win for the Lucha Brothers by pinning Johnny. Cage & Impact argued afterwards and fought. Referees and other officials try to pull them apart to no avail. Other wrestlers from the back try to help, but Cage and Impact couldn’t be stopped. Impact & Cage fight backstage to end the night.

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