Great Khali’s Promotion Uses Real-Life Rape Accusation as an Angle

Nov 13, 2018 - by James Walsh

An Indian actress and reality star is using her real-life rape allegations against a Bollywood star in an angle for the Great Khali’s wrestling company. Wrestling Inc reports that Rakhi Sawant was involved in an angle with Impact alumna Rebel for Continental Wrestling Entertainment over the weekend. She referenced her claims that Tanushree Dutta drugged her and raped her in subsequent social media posts about the in-ring segment.

The angle saw Sawant have a dance-off with Rebel, which turned confrontational and eventually saw Rebel bodyslam the actress. Sawant then posted to her Instagram account claiming that Rebel was paid by Dutta “and tried to injured my back so that I can never dance again or entertain my fans.” She went on to say, ” My dear lovely fans from India, America and pura world I request you to stand with me and lets fight back with those British people.. I am sharing her account pls help me.”

Sawant accused Dutta in October of raping her several times twelve years ago and forcing her to use drugs at raves, and claimed the Bollywood star was a lesbian. Dutta has denied the claims, including the claim about her sexuality.

The angle saw Sawant carried out of the ring and escorted from the event in a wheelchair. Indian media tends to maintain kayfabe for wrestling events and reported that Sawant is “in stable condition.” Video of the angle, and Sawant’s Instagram posts, are below.

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