Paul London Says Lucha Underground Is the Most Creative Wrestling Out There

Nov 11, 2018 - by James Walsh

GG Media recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Paul London. Below are some highlights and the video for the interview (transcript via

Paul London praising Lucha Underground: “Lucha Underground is the most creative and collaborative company I worked for. Lucha Underground is so cinematic. The downside, we don’t get to work enough because we work in seasons. … My time at WWE was very restrictive and ‘how can we make this dumber.’ I always looked to create fresh content.”

Paul London on not liking the current style and climate for wrestling: “I can’t say that I’m a big fan of it. I don’t really watch wrestling when I’m home just because it doesn’t excite me like I want it to. Just a lot of [TV wrestling] isn’t executed well, in my opinion, because of the climate of wrestling now. Nowadays you have to be part of this climate and things have to be in the climate. That stuff makes me sick and I want to spit all that out and do my own thing. That way I can dictate the pace, as opposed to live up to all of these ridiculous acrobatics, and car crashes, and all this crap that really doesn’t entertain me. If anything, I’m going to get hurt more trying to acclimate to the current style.”

Paul London how social media and wrestling together are problematic: “Guys would rather be liked and defy kayfabe or storytelling for the sake of being liked and that disgusts me. Social media and wrestling are poisonous. It’s a great tool for promoting, but if you are going to sit there and pull the curtain back, please don’t! You’re making this crap for everybody, you’re giving the tricks [away], you know what I mean? We need to maintain the aura of the excitement of the illusion, or whatever you want to call it. But, too many people would rather just be liked in real life, and not commit to storytelling and being performers.”

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