The Undertaker’s Son Not Interested in Wrestling

Nov 10, 2018 - by James Walsh

In an interview with The Ring, The Cage, and The Stage, The Undertaker’s son Gunner Calaway said that while he was interested in wrestling as a kid, he’s developed other career goals now that he’s older.

note: Taker is married to Michelle McCool and they have a daughter but The Phenom also had a son named Gunner in 1993 from a previous marriage.

Here are highlights:

On if he will become a wrestler: “I’d say as a kid, definitely. You see it so much and you’re just think like, ‘Wow, how cool would that be?’ In my eyes, it was like being a superhero. As you get older, you get into your teenage years and kind of want to be independent, and find your own interests. So, in my young adult life I steered away from [wrestling] and tuned in when it was necessary. I went to Full Sail University and got my Bachelor’s as a Video Game Artist, that’s kind of the path I’m setting before myself. I’d like to, in the next five to ten years, be an artist for a team in a production company for video games. Something I could put my 3D skills to good use and eventually own my own indie company.”

On if he met Vince McMahon: “Oh, yeah [I’ve met Vince]. No [he’s not like how he is on TV], but he’s a fun guy to talk to, for sure. [Laughs] All of [the wrestlers], you would never think— you see them act a certain way and then meet them in person and they’d be so humble and giving of their time, and just be respectful to people. It’s really refreshing I think.”

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