Magnum TA on Tessa Blanchard: “The sky is really the limit”

Nov 10, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Magnum TA talks about Tessa Blanchard:

“Tessa is, as I told her many many years ago – it’s been almost five years since she started, Tessa has had that ‘it’ factor since she was young and that special intangible about a young woman that you just see something special in and until she found wrestling, she didn’t really have something to put that whole package together with, but when she found something that she loved and that she had a passion for and then combined that untapped charisma of hers, I knew that it was gonna be something that was gonna take on a life of her own. She’s worked her rear end off. She’s got as good a work ethic as her dad, either one had, and we prided ourselves working as hard or harder than anyone else we were surrounded by and that has done nothing but take her, in giant steps, up to the front of the class where she’s gotten recognition that’s really unheralded for someone with the amount of matches she’s had. I think that if she stays on the track that she’s on now, that within two to three years that she could be the hottest commodity outside of the WWE Universe going, much like Kenny Omega is viewed today on the male side of that. I really see that in her future. There’s only two things that can keep that from happening and they both involve her: if she somehow lost her passion and her love and her burning desire to be the best then she might not realize all that she can be. Secondly, and the one thing we all hope and pray never happens to anyone, is that she remains injury free because you’ve got to be durable in this industry. You’ve got to be able to take the grind and continue to improve yourself and recover and heal and go on and give the next five star performance and that’s a tough gig, but she’s only 23 years old. She’s got youth on her side. I told her, ‘Make yourself so good, that they can’t deny what you should be and not because of your name, not because of anything anybody else says, but because you’re just recognized as being that doggone good that they can’t deny it.’ She’s using that and dug into that. She doesn’t come from an easy silver spoon in her mouth kind of background. She’s worked hard since she was a young girl and has always had this great work ethic. I support her. I support anyone that follows their dreams and has a love and a passion for something they can make their mark and make a mark in the industry and make a living and make money because at the end of the day, you can’t do something for free. It’s gotta be something that pays the bills and brings home the bacon; but, really, the sky is the limit. She’s 5’4, 5’5. She’s not a giant, but neither is Rey Mysterio. Does she fly like Rey Mysterio now? No, but she hadn’t lifted the first weight in her life until she was 19 years old and what she’s done and built herself into now with squats at 225 pounds and handles weights that a lot of men can’t handle. She’s got absolutely everything in the world going for her in that regard. The sky is really the limit. The only person that can take Tessa out of this game and out of this ride that she’s on is her and she’s not gonna do that because she’s got that iron will determination just like we all had to have back in the day to be successful and she’s implementing that. It’s not just the talk. She’s walking the walk and talking the talk.”

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