Cody: “Sadly folks I will not be able to wrestle tomorrow in Toronto”

Nov 10, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

An injury has put Cody Rhodes out of tomorrow’s IWGP United States title match at ROH Global Wars.

Rhodes made the announcement today on his Twitter account, noting that he would not be able to make his title defense against Beretta tomorrow in Toronto, saying that a replacement would be named.

“Sadly folks I will not be able to wrestle tomorrow in Toronto” he wrote. “I will still be at the pre-show meet/greet to say hello to everybody. ROH & I will find a suitable replacement for the match. I’m extremely sorry. I’ll be able to confirm the extent of the issue after an MRI this week.”

Rhodes also described how the injury happened on 11/9, saying he felt a pop in his knee as he was teasing tossing a t-shirt into the crowd.

“Going from one side of the crowd to the other last night, teasing a t-shirt toss of all things…heard a loud POP in my knee,” he wrote. “Terryfing (sic). Hoping it was just a lil’ meniscus and Sunday I can still deliver.”

Cody and Beretta had been building the feud during the last New Japan tour, with Beretta issuing a challenge to Cody for the championship during a Road to Power Struggle event.


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