Rodney Mack on Hogan being reinstated: “It goes to show you racism hasn’t gone anywhere”

Nov 8, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck


Former WWE and ECW Superstar Rodney Mack has taken time out from busting heads to discuss his Personal Training Business, Being lied to by Stephanie McMahon, Racism in Wrestling and so much more on the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast (12:32 Mark):

Personal Training Business with Jazz (13:12)
Yea Man we have a first day package; once we beat you up we fix you up. LOL.. Jazz and I have been doing this for about 20 years what they now call personal training. What we do is a little deeper though because in addition to working with the elderly we also train kids as well. We help them with their homework and things like that so it’s a mixture of Personal Training and Big Brother/Big Sister Program out here in San Antonio.

Being A Wrestling Fan at a Young Age (15:40)
My Dad from day 1 always watched Wrestling; Mid South, Global you name it. My Dad and I were such big Wrestling fans I remember when I was 4 years old, my Mother was pregnant with my Brother and we dropped her off at the hospital one night. While she was giving labor My Dad and I went to go see Andre The Giant in a Handicap match!

Junkyard Dog (16:57)
JYD is my Uncle but not by blood. Way back in the day JYD had been with one of my Mom’s Sisters. Dog never spent any time in the ring with me, but he taught me the business of Pro Wrestling. Number one thing he taught me is you’re black and wrestling is a white man’s world. No matter how good you are you were going to be used as a whatever. Dog was fortunate to run into a guy like Bill Watts who wasn’t afraid to take a chance on him.

Hulk Hogan being Reinstated (21:22)
It goes to show you racism hasn’t gone anywhere. All they did is give him a tap on the wrist to make it look good in the eyes in the public. You know man that sh-t ain’t changed; it never did and never will.

Being Lied to by Stephanie McMahon (22:22)
I’m not going to say I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread but I know I was a lot better than a bunch of those guys that are still getting paid. Jazz and I were loved by everybody. Stephanie McMahon pulled Me and Jazz off to the side for a special little talk and said Jazz was the most believable person on the roster and so was I and we were good people that would have a job for life. She said all that bulls–t yet three weeks later we were fired!

WWE Stereotyping Wrestlers of Color (23:20)
Every time you have a person of color that’s good they don’t give them a chance to show who he or she is and instead stereotype them. Either their pants are sagging down with one leg rolled up, talking sh-t from the street like they’re uneducated or the other extreme where they got motherf–kers throwing pancakes and their face all painted up.

Fighting On Behalf of ECW (25:45)
Jazz and I had been traveling with ECW for about a Year and a Half but I got sent home because I challenged all them motherf–kers in the locker room because they kept f–king with me. I stood in the middle of the locker room and challenged every last one of them and ain’t nobody jump! So we went back home for a few months and then Tommy Dreamer called Jazz about a PPV. Jazz convinced me to fly down with her and it was that PPV where guys from another promotion, XPW, started a big fight during the main event. Everybody ran outside and we started cleaning house. I knocked out about 5 guys and when I got back to the locker room, Paul E and I hugged and shook hands and I cried. I’m a very emotional guy when it comes to anything. So Paul E and I had a moment and from then then on out I started working with them. I went from curtain jerker to working in the main event.

Thoughts on UFC Champion Daniel Cormier (34:54)
Daniel went to my High School. I was there first of course and DC played with my Brother on the Football Team and in Wrestling. I love Brock but hands down DC got him. This dude is a fighter man and everyone knows it. DC has been a big fan of Pro Wrestling his entire life man so I think he would do well in that too.

Thoughts on Vince McMahon (38:24)
He’s a f–king prick!

Mixed Tag Match Open Challenge (38:55)
Me and Jazz are the baddest to ever do it for the past 20 years. Any Promoters out there can reach me at BookRodneyMack@Gmail.Com to set it up. Holler at us man so we can bust that ass!

Rodney continues to give his thoughts about so much more including Ronda Rousey, Rod Price, Bruce Prichard, The Rock and makes an open challenge to any mixed match tag team in the world. Check out the latest edition of the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast to hear this and much more!

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