11/6/18 Smackdown Live Recap

Nov 6, 2018 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results

November 6, 2018

Live from: Manchester, England

SmackDown GM Paige comes out and introduces SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon, SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon opens the show in the ring with SmackDown General Manager Paige. Paige asks for a photographer to take a picture of Shane McMahon, Paige with the trophy. (Crowd boo) Shane says I admit I am not the best in the world and says he did everything he did at the WWE World Cup tournament for the brand. When Miz couldn’t compete I had to interject and SmackDown needed to be the superior brand and speaking about better brand supremacy at Survivor Series, Shane and Paige go through the card so far. Shane also confirmed The Bar vs. The Authors of Pain for Survivor Series

Shane announces Daniel Bryan as the captain for Team SmackDown Traditional Elimination Match, Daniel Bryan comes out, Daniel says I thank you and glad Shane admits he isn’t the best in the world, I am honored to be Team Captain I will do a good job, music of The Miz hits and out comes The Miz hobbling to the ring, Miz says really Daniel as captain, Miz says Shane is best in the world, 2/3 of the trophy is mine for winning two matches, together we are the best in the world, Shane says if it didn’t work out you would have been fired, unlike me, I don’t forfeit and I deserve to be team captain of SmackDown Survivor Series mens team. Shane says based on World Cup Tournament you are right you are the team captain, Shane announces Co-Captains Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

Later tonight Rey Mysterio Vs Andrade “Cien” Almas, Up Next Usos Vs New Day for Tag Team Survivor Series Captaincy.

-Commercial break-

Backstage: Daniel Bryan and The Miz arguing and Shane McMahon comes in and says you argue but bring the best in each other, Shane says you need to pick participants tonight, The Miz says my first pick is Shane McMahon, Shane questions it and Daniel says it is a good idea, Shane accepts, Miz says you can have the next pick, Daniel calls The Miz weird and walks off

Tag Team Match: The New Day – Kofi Kingston and Big E w/Xavier Woods Vs The Usos – Jimmy and Jey

New Day in control at start when Francesca III is introduced and allows Kofi to gain advantage as we go to commercial break.

-Commercial break-

When we return Jimmy Uso in control of Kofi Kingston, Big E tagged in and regains control, uppercut by Jimmy Uso to Big E, Side Slam by Big E for a 2 count, Powerslam by Big E for a two count before Jey Uso breaks it up, suicide dive by Big E to the outside but missed as Jey Uso moved, then running powerslam on the outside, then Jimmy Uso tosses Big E into timekeeper area, flying drop by Kofi onto The Usos, Kofi pushes Jey Uso back in the ring but only a two count,

-Commercial break-

When we return Usos back in control, both men climb to the top and a huricanrana attempt by Kofi of the top rope countered into a powerbomb by Jimmy Uso, Jimmy climbs the rope and nails the splash for the win.

Winners: The Usos – Jimmy and Jey Uso

After the match Usos get on the mic and says there is no Tag Team Division without the Usos and New Day and want you to be our first pick, New Day agrees and they hug.

Backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and The Miz discussing Rey Mysterio for Team SmackDown. Bryan wants him on the team but Miz says he hasn’t accomplished anything since returning. If Rey can defeat Almas later tonight, Rey will make the team. They decide that the fifth member of the team will also be decided with a match tonight. Bryan and Miz will pick the participants. Miz says I like the idea but us discussing things is weird, Miz walks off.

We will hear from Becky Lynch next.

-Commercial break-

We see Ronda Rousey Raw promo from last night.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch comes out to a pop and fires back at the RAW promo from RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Becky asks Ronda who the hell she thinks she is. Becky says Ronda isn’t a champion yet because she hasn’t had a real test. Becky says she is The Man and she doesn’t care if Rousey is the baddest bitch on the planet because Becky will make Rousey her bitch at Survivor Series. Becky doesn’t care about getting Ronda’s respect in the match, only her arm. Becky issues an open challenge and the SAnitY music hits. Eric Young, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe come out. WWE NXT Superstar Nikki Cross is with them to a huge pop. They trade words on the mic and we have a match

Non-Title Womens Division Singles Match: SmackDown Womens Champion Becky Lynch Vs Nikki Cross

During the match Nikki Cross has some innovative offense during the match including trapping Lynch in the apron, Beckxploder for a two count, crossbody of the top rope by Nikki Cross for a two, back drop DDT by Cross for a two count, Lynch sends Nikki into the rope and then hooks the disarmer for the win.

Winner via Pinfall SmackDown Womens Champion Becky Lynch

Backstage: Daniel Bryan says his pick for the match is Jeff Hardy, Miz says that is a good pick but mine is better and that is Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe Vs Jeff Hardy later tonight.

Singles Match – If Mysterio wins he joins Team SmackDown: Rey Mysterio Vs Andrade “Cien” Almas

Good back and forth match, Almas in control at the start, knee to Rey for a two count, Mysterio moves out the way of a corner run knee, Almas sends Rey into the barrier as we go to commercial break.

-Commercial break-

When we return, double knee attempt, Rey moves out the way, Rey with finetic style rolling Almas, boot to Almas (2 count) Mysterio climbs to rope, Almas tries to nail suplex of the top rope, double knees twice by Almas for a two count, Mysterio kicks out, Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker but Rey got his knees up, Rey with a dropick and a 619 attempt, blocked by Almas, Almas exits the ring with Rey on his shoulders, Rey sends Almas into mat, then DDT on the outside, Rey sends Almas into the rope and nails the 619 and then Rey won with the 619 followed by dive of the top rope to earn a spot on Team SmackDown.

Winner via Pinfall Rey Mysterio

After the match, Randy Orton rushed the ring from the crowd and laid Rey out with a RKO out of nowhere for a big pop

Backstage Daniel Bryan asks Miz if he sent Randy Orton to RKO Rey Mysterio, Miz says no but Rey Mysterio is on the team.

Commentators talk about WWE new campaign Girl Up to empower women.

-Commercial Break-

SmackDown General Manager Paige comes to the ring to introduce the women’s Team SmackDown for Survivor Series. Carmella is out first. R-Truth accompanies her to the ring. Naomi is out next, followed by Sonya Deville, Asuka and then Charlotte Flair. Flair is set to come out but her music just plays. Mandy Rose comes out instead. Paige says Rose will not be replacing Flair. Rose wants to know why she was chosen over Deville. Mandy Rose disses the other participants saying Asuka is Emporess of yesterday, Carmella title reign was short and sweet, Naomi has no glow apart from Jimmy Uso and a big brawl breaks out. Rose retreats

– Commercial break-

Singles Match – Whoever wins joins Team SmackDown Mens Team: Samoa Joe Vs Jeff Hardy

The Miz and Daniel Bryan are on commentary.

Hardy in control of Joe, short clothesline by Joe as we go to commercial break.

-Commercial break

When we return end comes quickly when Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy to earn the final spot on Team SmackDown.

After the match, Joe taunts Bryan and they start brawling. Bryan applies the Yes Lock but Miz breaks it up. Miz and Bryan go at it now until Shane McMahon makes the save. Bryan accidentally slams Shane. SmackDown goes off the air with Shane, Joe, Bryan and Miz staring each other down as Daniel Bryan walks away

SmackDown Ends

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