Nia Jax reveals the origins of her ring name

Nov 6, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I was an athlete my entire life and had four basketball scholarship offers for college. Then one day while I was still in high school, a talent agent approached me after an event and I ended up signing with – Wilhelmina Models in New York. I never thought about modeling as a curvy girl, but then it happened. My family was always involved in sports entertainment, my cousin (The Rock) especially, and I watched WWE growing up but never really considered it something I could do. The women were all so beautiful, but petite, so I never identified with them.. But my Aunt (Rock’s mom) was super encouraging, saying she could absolutely see me – some one of my height and body type being incredibly successful in the industry. And it’s amazing! Walking into an arena with all the fans cheering (or booing!) – there’s such instant gratification, an unbelievable adrenaline rush. It’s almost addictive – really. When we sign our contract, we have the option to help choose our names. At the time I was completely obsessed with ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and Jax Teller. I thought Jax sounded cool, so I put it on my list. And ‘Nia’ is a Samoan name, but it’s pronounced ‘Nee-a’ but I wanted it to be ‘Ny-a’ instead. Anyway, then they picked my name, and it was Nia Jax.”


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