Austin Aries Takes Shot at Jim Cornette – Jim Cornette Fires Back

Nov 5, 2018 - by James Walsh

Austin Aries shared an Instagram post on November 1, taking a shot at Jim Cornette. The post features a not so flattering photo of Cornette, with a quote by Cornette slamming Aries imposed over the photo. You can check out that post below.

The quote by Cornette reads, “Don’t knock Austin Aries’ talent, he’s a good performer. The only reason he fails everywhere is because he’s a miserable little whiner who thinks he should be pushed to the moon and knows more than everyone else. Wrestling and promos, he’s fine. Probably needs a cheeseburger.”

Jim Cornette later responded to the Instagram post on his Twitter account, slamming Aries yet again. He called Aries a “malcontent and whiny little b—-.” He added that the comments agreed with him about Aries as a person.

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