Mick Foley: “The two top teeth are like a trademark look”

Nov 4, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“The two top teeth are like a trademark look. Even when I met Collette, she preferred the way I looked without them. I believe she threw the adjective sexy at me and that wasn’t something I was used to hearing. So, I would only put the tooth in when we were fighting. I had them at the time I had an ’84 Chrysler Lebaron. They still had the ashtray back then and I would keep the teeth in the ashtray. ‘I’ll put the teeth in,’ and it was literally, ‘Fine if that’s the way… fine.’ ‘It is the way it’s gonna be, alright.’ The other two were casualties of the Hell in a Cell match and so they were put back in. They were knocked out in the Hell in a Cell. They were put back in, right? Over the course of time they started decaying and rotting. They weren’t new. They were the same teeth that were knocked out, but they were inserted back into my mouth. When I got back from the Hell in a Cell match they were in a glass of milk… what’s odd is that when I did the 20 years of Hell show in Pittsburgh, twenty years to the date, the dentist that put them back in was in the audience. He was on call and they said, ‘There was an accident. A wrestler’s coming in with teeth.’ There was not only those two. I have two more teeth that need to go twenty years after the fact. There are four teeth that are impacted.”

source: Cigars, Scars and Superstars podcasts

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