Austin Reveals Getting Hit by Car at Survivor Series ’99 as Worst Angle He Was Ever Involved With

Nov 2, 2018 - by James Walsh

On a recent edition of his podcast show, WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin spoke to his guest WALTER about him being hit by a car at Survivor Series 1999 as “the worst storyline” he was ever involved with in wrestling. Below are some highlights (Transcript via

Steve Austin on the Survivor Series car angle: “Yeah, about ’99 because I had to get my neck fused. I was gone for about a year … You caught the worst part of my career! Me being clipped by a god dang car! s–t, that was the worst storyline I was ever involved in. But we had to come up with a way so that we could get my ass out of the way. That was ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, I had to get my neck fused up and that was a suck-ass angle.”

Austin on his Ringmaster gimmick: “I had a similar gimmick, not gimmick. I had a similar name [WALTER’s ‘The Ring General’ nickname], ‘The Ringmaster’. If you talk about bulls–t… Hey man, that gimmick sucked ass!”

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