10/31/18 Quick NXT Recap: Matt Riddle Debuts

Oct 31, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

The card for TakeOver: WarGames begins to take shape with a few matches being announced on episode #475 of NXT. The show also featured the NXT television debut of Matt Riddle.

Three matches were made official for the NXT supercard during Survivor Series weekend in Los Angeles. Those matches include WarGames among other bouts. In the fallout from the previous episode, a grudge match between Aleister Black and Johnny Gargano was announced for TakeOver.

Tommaso Ciampa is set to defend the NXT Championship against Velveteen Dream at TakeOver. However, Lars Sullivan meets Dream in a match on the next episode — which may change the dynamic of the title bout.

Vic Joseph replaced Mauro Ranallo on commentary for this set of TV tapings. Ranallo will return to the broadcast booth at TakeOver. Regulars Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson joined Joseph to call the action.

Nikki Cross defeated Mercedes Martinez

Cross pinned Martinez after executing The Purge. The crowd seemed to love Martinez — with good reason because she is a badass. They also loved Cross. She appeared to get a bloody nose during the match.

They fought tooth-and-nail in a back-and-forth battle. Martinez had Cross reeling when Cross perched herself on the turnbuckles. Martinez yanked Cross off the ropes, and then Martinez went on the offensive. Cross fought back as they traded strikes. Cross leapt off the top rope into a flying crossbody for a two count.

Heading into the finish, Martinez gave Cross a couple backdrop drivers before delivering a release German suplex. Martinez attempted to use her fisherman’s buster finisher, but Cross countered. Cross eventually dispatched Martinez with The Purge to score the pinfall.

A snarling Cross crawled over to Martinez after the match. Her snarl turned into a smile as Cross said to Martinez, “That was fun.” Cannot argue against that.

Candice LeRae — dressed in all black with black lipstick — marched to the ring to confront Cross. Apparently she was upset that Cross snitched on Johnny Gargano. Cross left the ring while maniacally laughing at LeRae.

Aleister Black met Cross on the stage. Looking amused, Cross laughed some more. Black stalked to the ring to confront LeRae. He wanted to know the whereabouts of Gargano. LeRae said he was not there. Black then threatened her husband with bodily harm.

The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins) defeated The Mighty (Nick Miller & Shane Thorne)

Ford pinned Thorne with a frog splash. This was a rematch from a few months ago where The Mighty had beaten The Profits. Even before that, Thorne and Miller had stolen gold chains and a Solo cup from Ford and Dawkins. While gold chains are valuable, a Solo cup is rather inexpensive and easily replaceable. Nonetheless, Street Profits sought vengeance. They would get a measure of it in this match.

Street Profits ran wild early on as they cleaned house. Ford launched into a flip dive to the outside. When he attempted to springboard back into the ring, Miller caught him for a spinebuster. The tide changed for the heat spot. The Mighty began working over Ford. A hope spot was countered with a modified falcon arrow by Thorne.

Eventually, a hot tag led to Dawkins running wild like a house of fire. Miller jumped in at one point to break up a pinning attempt. Ford tagged back in — only for Thorne to superplex him off Miller’s shoulders. Dawkins made the save on a lateral press.

The Street Profits used a final flurry of offense to set up the finish. Ford jumped off the top rope with a frog splash on Thorne to score the pinfall. Street Profits recovered their cup and chains after the match. They then celebrated with fans in the crowd.

Cathy Kelley interviewed William Regal in the backstage area. Regal announced that NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa will defend his title against Velveteen Dream at TakeOver: WarGames in Los Angeles. Aleister Black interrupted the interview as he demanded to know the whereabouts of Johnny Gargano. Regal said — much like LeRae had told him earlier — that Gargano was not there. However, Regal announced a grudge match for TakeOver with Gargano against Black.

Lars Sullivan was shown later on wreaking havoc backstage as he threw a tantrum. An upset Sullivan wanted a title match challenging Ciampa. Sullivan vowed to rip apart Dream and take his spot as the next challenger. A match between them is scheduled for the next episode.

Matt Riddle defeated Luke Menzies

Riddle submitted Menzies with the Bromission hold. This was Riddle’s in-ring debut on WWE television, and the crowd ate it up. They cheered and chanted for the “King of Bros.” Riddle looked like a star — because of course he did.

Riddle went for a takedown at the outset, but Menzies kept sprawling. A Greco-Roman knuckle lock led to Riddle doing a very rad transition into an armbar. After a series of strikes, Menzies briefly cut off Riddle to give him an overhead suplex. Menzies turned up the intensity as he grounded Riddle.

Riddle soon made a comeback with a series of kicks and strikes. A running knee by Riddle was followed by a senton and a penalty kick. Riddle clobbered Menzies with elbows until he locked in the Bromission for a tap out.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch defeated Raul Mendoza & Humberto Carrillo

Lorcan pinned Mendoza after a double-team implant DDT. Mendoza and Carrillo looked strong until they lost. Mendoza gained an early advantage by utilizing Americanized lucha libre. Carrillo (formerly Ultimo Ninja) also launched into high-flying moves. He and Mendoza flew through the ropes with stereo topes.

Carrillo went for a quebrada off the top rope — only he ate the boots of Lorcan when he countered. Mendoza tagged in to run wild before a springboard missile dropkick hit both Lorcan and Burch. Mendoza was hip-tossed into a corner by Burch. Lorcan then nailed Carrillo with an uppercut. Lorcan and Burch worked together to lay out Mendoza with an assisted implant DDT. Lorcan then covered Mendoza for the pin.

The show closed with a wild brawl that began with an Undisputed Era promo backstage. As Adam Cole began to speak, War Raiders attacked them. The fight spilled outside the arena at Full Sail. They brawled in an outdoor dining area where War Raiders threw Cole into a cargo truck like Kevin Nash did to Rey Mysterio on Nitro in 1996.

War Raiders continued the beatdown as they tossed Bobby Fish over some tables. Hanson also slammed Kyle O’Reilly on a table. Cole used a trash can lid to fight back. Roderick Strong was hitting War Raiders with the trash can itself. The scene was a Gordon Solie Pier Sixer mixed with a Tupelo concession stand brawl — minus the condiments.

Out of nowhere, Ricochet ran in as he leapt onto a table and dived into a splash. Everyone fought their way back into the building. They ended up in the ring as the brawling continued. With a four-on-three advantage, Undisputed Era soon began to dominate. Pete Dunne suddenly ran in swinging a chair to even the odds.

The babyfaces cleared the ring when Regal stormed out doing the Mr. Belding gimmick. Regal booked a match with Undisputed Era against Ricochet, Dunne & War Raiders inside the two cages for WarGames.

source: F4wonline

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