10/30/18 Smackdown Live Recap

Oct 30, 2018 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown kicks of with commentators informing us that the 4 participants for SmackDown at Crown Jewel in Tag Team action.

Out comes WWE Champion “Phenomenal” AJ Styles (we see highlights of the miscommunication between AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan over the past two weeks on SmackDown) AJ says before I get started I need to get something of my chest and want to do it face-to-face and calls out Daniel Bryan. Music of Daniel Bryan hits and out he comes, AJ says after what happened last week I sorry, Daniel says no need to say sorry, I have a infinite respect for you as a in-ring competitor, don’t see you as a friend or respected colleague but the current WWE Champion, that title has a lot of meaning when I was out injured and standing in my way is you, so nothing personal AJ but I am taking that title this Friday at Crown Jewel. AJ says that is good to know, I am sorry I lied to you last week, the kick last week wasn’t an accident but meant for you, nothing personal Daniel and look forward to doing it again this Friday. Daniel says I feel like hitting you on purpose, AJ says what is stopping you, we don’t need to wait till Crown Jewel and I will defend the title now.

Music of Shane McMahon hits and Shane says two competitors in the ring who want to go at it, I am back, so we will have Daniel Bryan Vs AJ Styles in the WWE Crown Jewel WWE Championship match right now.

– Commercial break –

Singles Match for WWE Championship: Challenger: Daniel Bryan Vs Champion “Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Greg Hamilton does the introductions, match is underway with Daniel Bryan in control, shoving contest ensues, arm bar, followed by a hammerlock by Daniel Bryan, chops by AJ Styles in the corner, missile dropkick by AJ Styles to Daniel Bryan, Forearm smash by AJ missed which allows Daniel Bryan to nail a suicide dive to the outside as we go to a commercial break.

-Commercial break-

When we return AJ Styles has regained control and working on the left leg of Daniel Bryan, knee slam followed by kick to knee of Daniel Bryan, knee breaker by AJ, Daniel tries to regain control with uppercuts but AJ picks him up and drops him knee first on the top rope, Daniel breaks free with kicks to AJ Styles, back elbow by AJ Styles, moonsault missed followed by rapid knees by Daniel Bryan, Yes kicks to AJ Styles, Daniel goes for his running knee but AJ counters with a dropkick. Styles goes for Phenomenal Forearm but blocked by Daniel Bryan, on the top rope a back suplex attempt but AJ counters it into his own slam as we go to commercial break.

-Commercial break-

When we return AJ Styles in control but Daniel counters into the Yes Lock but AJ makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Daniel tries to suplex AJ into the ring but AJ counters it and suplexes Daniel Bryan to the outside. Knee smash on Daniel Bryan on the announce table, Daniel sends AJ into the steel steps shoulder first, both men back in the ring at 8, Daniel nails his running corner drop kick and then nails it again. Daniel goes for a huricannrana of the top rope but AJ counters but Daniel capitalized, both men are down, Yes kicks to AJ who is in the ropes, dragon screw by AJ Styles to knee of Daniel Bryan. AJ goes for forearm but missed and Daniel hooks on arm bar, then hooks on the Yes Lock but AJ counters it into a pinfall but only a 2 count, then a armbar by Bryan, AJ powers out of it into the Styles Clash followed by the Calf Crusher. Daniel Bryan taps out, AJ Styles retains the title.

Winner via Submission and still WWE Champion “Phenomenal” AJ Styles

After the match Daniel Bryan offers his hand and AJ shakes his hand and then they hug. Samoa Joe appears from nowhere and starts a beat down on AJ Styles in the ring and locks on the Coquida Clutch. Daniel Bryan comes in and breaks the hold but then Samoa Joe works on Daniel Bryan and then hooks the Coquida Clutch on Daniel Bryan. Samoa Joe picks up the WWE Championship and raises it and then drops it and leaves.

Commentators go through WWE Crown Jewel brackets and then we hear from Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy says at the World Cup Tournament and I will prove I am the best in the world. The Miz speaks and says my wife thanks me, my daughter gives me look saying I am the best father, Miz says I’m the best superstar in WWE and I will win the tournament at WWE Crown Jewel.

Still to come Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio Vs Randy Orton and The Miz.

We see people setting up props for the Trick or Treat Street Fight.

-Commercial break-

Backstage we see Paige and in comes Charlotte and Paige says your match at WWE Evolution was amazing and Paige asks Charlotte if she will be the captain of the Womens Survivor Series team, Charlotte says I may not be the right choice and Paige says please think about it.

Commentators talk about the D-X Vs Brothers of Destruction the Friday at Crown Jewel.

Trick or Treat Street Fight: 

The New Day music hits but they come out as The Brood. Next out are The Bar and The Big Show

-Commercial break-

When we return match is underway and it is Cesaro Vs Big E and Big E in control till all men enter the ring, Big Show tosses Xavier and Kofi to the outside, Sheamus throws the pancakes into Kofi, Big Show stuffs Kofi face first into bobbing for apples, then powerslam by Cesaro on Big E onto the pumpkins. Cesaro tries to suplex Big E through a table, but Big E stops him, Sheamus is sent into the table by Big E. Big Show goes to chokeslam Xavier and Kofi but they spit blood in his face, back in the ring, Cesaro goes for Neutralizer but Big E spits blood in his face and then nails Big Ending for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Big E

Commentators talk about the WWE Crown Jewel Best in the World Tournament.

Backstage Shane McMahon is with SmackDown Tournament participants, All of them speak bigging up their chances in the tournament. Shane says what will upset me is my sister Stephanie calling a Raw superstar Best in the World and whoever makes the final if they lose they are no longer a superstar on the SmackDown brand.

Backstage: AJ Styles asks Paige to face Samoa Joe at WWE Crown Jewel, Paige says are you sure and he says yes, Paige says you got it.

Non-Title Singles Match: Challenger: R-Truth w/Carmella Vs Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura

We are informed match was scheduled to be Tye Dillinger challenging Shinsuke Nakamura but is injured. Truth with his high kick. During the match Carmella and R-Truth have a dance break as we go to commercial break.

-Commercial break-

When we return Nakamura is in control of Truth, Truth misses elbow in the corner, Nakamura with kick to the ribs whilst Truth is hanging across the top rope.  Knee strike by Nakamura followed by Kinshassa for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: WWE United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura

Next we hear from Becky Lynch

-Commercial break-

Becky says I won, beaten with a kendo stick but I got back up again, I am the last women standing and my match should have been the main event, I proved I am the man, even in the locker room and if I need to slap them all I will, Becky says what planet is Ronda from, I travel the world to smash people like you, I am walking to Survivor Series to rip Ronda Rousey arm off. Becky drops the mic and then leaves the ring.

Commentators go through WWE Crown Jewel card.

When we return Samoa Joe talks backstage about going to WWE Crown Jewel and becoming new WWE Champion and raising the belt above his head.

Tag Team Match: Randy Orton and The Miz Vs Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy

Orton and Hardy start the match, Hardy in control but behind referees back, Miz trips Hardy when he is at the top rope, Miz in control of Hardy, double team behind referees back, Orton with a thumb to the eye of Hardy whilst referee was distracted. Rey Mysterio tagged in with a kick to The Miz, DDT by Mysterio for a two, Miz counters but Rey counters, Jeff Hardy tagged in, Rey does 619 prep, poetry in motion by Jeff Hardy, Miz sent to ropes and nailed with 619, Swanton Bomb to The Miz for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy

After the bell rings Randy Orton drops Jeff Hardy with a RKO, then a quick one to Rey Mysterio, then Miz and Randy Orton celebrate and Randy Orton drops The Miz with a RKO. Randy Orton celebrates in the corner as SmackDown finishes.

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