Sick kids who Roman Reigns visited lately send in their words of encouragement

Oct 30, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

One of the jobs of being a WWE Superstar is to visit hospitals and meet with wish kids, most of the time on their days or time off. But if you ask anyone who does it, they all say the same thing: making kids smile is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job.

Recently, former WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns visited the Children’s Medical Center Dallas where he met with several kids who are in their own big battles. Last week, Reigns himself revealed that he has cancer again 11 years after he beat leukemia and surrendered the title as he fights the biggest fight of his career.

Now, the same kids that Roman visited swapped roles and it was them who sent their words of encouragement and support to him. “You are my hero. You got this Roman,” said one kid. “We’re with you Roman, we got you and we love you,” said another. The video, produced by Children’s Health, concluded with the words, “You are a Universal Champion. We know you can beat anything.”

You can see the video below.

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