Ricochet is sure that Roman Reigns will return to WWE

Oct 30, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Reigns is a real-life superhero. He is the standard of like what, not just a sports entertainer should be, but like what a person should be. Just from the stories I’ve heard and the little bitty interactions I’ve had. Just watching him on the screen, he goes out there every single night and he puts his body on the line like not a lot of people can, and he delivers every single time. It’s sad to hear, it’s sad to see whenever someone like that has to not just relinquish the title, but stop doing something that they love. But, I know if anybody is gonna get through this, it’s gonna be him. He’s such a strong person, such a strong dude. I know he’s gonna kick this thing’s but and come back stronger than ever.”

source: miamiherald.com

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