Taz Weighs In on the Wrestling Community Coming Together over Roman Reigns

Oct 28, 2018 - by James Walsh

In the latest episode of The Taz Show (via Wrestling Inc), Taz spoke about how the wrestling community came together in support of Roman Reigns after his leukemia announcement this past Monday. Here are highlights:

On if WWE would make Reigns make the announcement on RAW: “There’s no way that WWE said, ‘look, go out there and cut the promo and tell people about this.’ That’s gotta come from [Roman] Reigns.”

On the support for Reigns: “It’s really cool to see the wrestling community come together. No matter if you’re a fan of Roman Reigns or not, that you came together and supported him, and you felt horrible for the man and you know he’s gotta fight on his hands. And he’s gonna dominate, and he’s gonna win the fight. So, pray for that man and his family.”

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