Sid Vicious Says CM Punk’s UFC Performance was “So Bad”

Oct 28, 2018 - by James Walsh

Sid Vicious recently spoke with Hannibal TV (via Wrestling Inc), and shared his thoughts on CM Punk’s run in the UFC. Here are the highlights…

On CM Punk’s MMA Run: “I actually followed it. I followed UFC. I didn’t understand it really. He was getting a little bit better. You understand why he wanted to be a fighter,” said Vicious. “He was so bad. You know yourself, there’s a lot of guys in the locker room in the last couple months since the UFC has taken off, that some of the boys are doing that on the side, they did that before UFC or they have a fight coming up. Those guys aren’t doing that. They’re making it up. UFC is like, if you remember in school, in recess and lunch, tenth grade or above, if you didn’t have recess so you’d have P.E. and only time you’d have to relax is after lunch. So that’s when the fights would always happen so everyone would be running to see a fight and there’s only two people fighting. A lot of people want to fight. So that’s what I see. The boys say they wanna do it. You gotta tip your hat to him. He went out there and got beat up bad. He still tried it. I think, and I only know this and I’m just guessing, that he had a bad falling out with WWE and not being that good. I would have done it for $250 bucks (laughs). I would love to have trained, that would have been fun to do and grind that out. That was something just to sell some tickets.”

On Wanting to Try MMA: “Ya know, this is the thing we talked about,” Vicious stated. “The last few years I’ve been doing a lot of heavy weight lifting, more cardio drills. The most taxing thing, and I’ve boxed as a kid, was boxing. Boxing is tough. Standing there (in a boxing stance) for three minutes is tough. I’ve been doing that for the last couple years, is boxing. Getting in a few sparring sessions. Even today, they will try to match you up with somebody your age, same experience. I just think that would be fun to try.”

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