Chris Jericho shares a great Haku story

Oct 27, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“We got into a little bit of a kerfuffle with the security in the airport in 1993, and this was back in the days before 9/11 where you could show up for your flight about 15 minutes before. And when I showed up, I happened to have a Championship title, and I guess the Mexican security guy didn’t like that and so he decided to mess with me a bit. I was going to miss my flight and I got a little angry and I gave the guy a little shove, and I turned around and pushed the security behind me and that person ended up being a security girl. She fell down and there was a huge kind of a barroom brawl and out of nowhere I hear this ‘Eh what you doin?’ And here comes this 300 pound giant Tongan running through the airport – who I happened to be very close friends with at the time – he get involved and it was like two of us back-to-back like the old Westerns with the Indian posse surrounding us. They drew their guns and put us in airport jail for about two hours until the president of the airport came and suggested that we give some money to the security guards for their problems. I don’t think those security guards ever saw that money; I think the president had a nice dinner on us and they let us out and off we went. We didn’t have anything! I had 3000 pesos, which is like 100 bucks, and Haku had 27 dollars in change or something. Basically put together it was something like 152 dollars and 12 cents and a couple of meal tickets, that was about it. But it was pretty scary man. I’ll never forget that voice ‘Eh, what you doin brotha?’ And at the time, if you ask anybody in wrestling to this day who the legit toughest guy in wrestling is, they’ll always tell you Haku and so it was a good guy to have on my side.”

source: Dan Le Batard Show with Stu Gotz

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