Steve Austin talks about Brie Bella injuring Liv Morgan: “Sh-t Happens”

Oct 26, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“When you look at that, watching those kicks, Liv was down on the mat, Brie started the kicks. She was laying them in square on the chest, square on the chest. Then, she tried to speed up the cadence. When she sped up the cadence, it took Liv a little bit out of her motion, so, all-of-a-sudden, bam, bam, maybe three times, there was a knockout. Morgan goes down. Okay, now those are potatoes. That’s on Brie because she threw the kicks and she kind of sped up the cadence when she took Liv out of timing, and she caught her a couple of times in the head. Brie’s not a malicious person! Brie didn’t try to do that! It happened. Okay, so then it happened and that’s on Brie.”

sources: The Steve Austin Show, Wrestlinginc

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