NWA World Women’s Champion Jazz Talks NWA 70, Jordynne Grace and Advice for Young Wrestlers

Oct 26, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck


NWA World Women’s Champion, and former WWF Women’s Champion Jazz returned to the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast fresh off of her successful title defense at the NWA’s 70th Anniversary Event. Hear the Champ’s thoughts on Penelope Ford, her upcoming match with Jordynne Grace and advice for Young Wrestlers (19:00 Mark):

On her NWA Documentary (22:05)
Lagana came and did this documentary on me while my family and I were still in Louisiana. It was a great set up for me to let the world know exactly how I feel about this industry and being underrated and overlooked. NWA 70 was my time to shine and show the world why I am still considered the Baddest Bitch!

On Penelope Ford Challenging For the NWA Women’s Championship (23:44)
People really thought Penelope was going to be my top competition? Really? I mean I hope she wasn’t going to flake out and call herself a loser. I guess everybody gotta talk a little shit right? Gotta put yourself over because nobody else will. Penelope is alright, but she’s been in the game for 2 or 3 years and I have over 20 years experience. There’s no competition there!

Ten Pounds of Gold & Wrestling Men (24:41)
I didn’t say I wanted to challenge the Men; I said I want my “Ten Pounds Of Gold”. If I had to beat a Woman or a Man, whatever I have to do, I want my opportunity for my “Ten Pounds of Gold”. I’m tired of the Men getting all of the opportunity and recognition of carrying all of this gold. Shit! I want my opportunity and my recognition. If it’s going to be a man that I have to face then it is what it is. Men, to be in this game you can’t be afraid to get your ass kicked so when it happens it happens. It’s all about me wanting MY “Ten Pounds of Gold”!

Advocating for More Mixed Tag Matches & Challenging Stephanie McMahon (25:47)
What I’m interested in is doing mixed tags. I’m really pulling for someone to book Rodney and myself as a tag team. You can say whatever you want but we really are the power couple when it comes to wrestling in this industry. I’m talking about my Husband Rodney Mack ok? We are pound for pound the baddest dogs around and we claim it! If Stephanie McMahon and HHH want a match just let me know do I sign a piece of paper or just show up with my gear? You think I would back down from that? Stephanie? Oh my God; PLEASE!

Surprised WWE is putting on an All Women’s PPV (27:47)
I never thought I’d ever see that but I’m glad they’re finally opening their eyes and giving women a showcase for their abilities on such a platform. For so many years they just wanted T and A out there and now they’re giving Women an opportunity to wrestle. But I don’t give a damn about their Evolution because as the NWA Women’s Champion I’m creating my own Evolution!

Opinion of Jordynne Grace & Their Upcoming Match (28:45)
I remember Jordynne when she first started. I was walking in the building and she was walking out with her Mom. Her Mom was right there by her side and was all for Jordynne being a Wrestler. To have support like that from a Parent at such a young age really stuck out for me big time. But Jordynne is basically fresh out of College and I’ve been in the league over 20 years. I got the experience over her.

Training Other Wrestlers (30:41)
I love helping young talent especially those that listen. I tell them less is more because the key to this business is longevity. If you want to wrestle when you’re my age, slow down on the crazy ass bumps. It doesn’t take all that to get over; please believe me. You’re never going to see me do a suicide dive and you’re never going to see it because it doesn’t take all that to get over!

Less Is More in Wrestling (32:23)
A lot of times this younger generation talk about those my age and call us old and washed up because we can get over without doing all that crazy shit. They have to go out there and bring everything to the ring but the kitchen sink to try to get over. I go out there and do a headlock match and get over just as much as they go out there doing three moonsaults and go over the top rope. Old School because The Bitch is Back and I’m here to make a statement. I ain’t taking no shit!

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