10/24/18 WWE NXT Recap: Cole vs. EC3; Mia Yim Debuts; Ohno in Action; Black’s Attacker Revealed

Oct 24, 2018 - by Michael Riba

NXT opens with William Regal telling the security guards to bring Aleister Black to his office before he gets into the building. The opening credits then roll, and Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show.

The Undisputed ERA’s music hits and all four members of the group make their way to the ring. Adam Cole says Bobby Fish is back and the ERA is at 100 percent. He says this is warning for the NXT locker room and if they aren’t believed, just ask the War Raiders. Cole says if anyone else wants to get in their way, they won’t be in their way for long. Cole says people will fear NXT because no one is NXT except for the Undisputed ERA. Cole bring up Ricochet and says he still has Cole’s property. Cole says Ricochet beat Pete Dunne two weeks ago, but not him. Cole says he will still get a rematch, but he is interrupted by EC3. EC3 says Cole does not deserve a rematch for the NXT North American Championship. Cole asks EC3 if he thinks it is smart to mess with the ERA right now. EC3 sys Cole was not pinned, but he still did not win. EC3 says it doesn’t matter that the ERA is back to 100 percent, because he is the top one percent. Cole says how about they get a referee out here and EC3 agrees.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Adam Cole (w/Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, and Roderick Strong) vs. EC3
Cole kicks EC3 in the midsection and then stomps away on him in the corner. EC3 turns it around and slams Cole into the corner a few times. EC3 drops Cole with a back elbow and then a scoop slam. EC3 connects with an elbow drop and then clotheslines Cole to the floor. EC3 goes over the top as well and slams Cole face first into the ring apron. EC3 tosses Cole back into the ring, but Cole counters with a superkick. Cole slams EC3 into the corner and stomps away on him. Cole delivers a reverse neck-breaker and drops a right hand into EC3’s face. Cole delivers a right hand to EC3 in the corner and then beats him down. Cole delivers a suplex and goes for the cover, but EC3 kicks out at one. Cole applies a front face-lock, but EC3 fights to his feet. EC3 tosses Cole away, but Cole comes back with a kick to the face. Cole goes for the cover, but EC3 kicks out at one.
Cole chokes EC3 over the middle rope and then chokes him in the corner as well. EC3 comes back with a few kicks and then a few chops. Cole counters back with forearm shots in the corner. Cole delivers the neck-breaker across his knee and goes for the cover, but EC3 kicks out at two. Cole goes back to the front face-lock, but EC3 fights to his feet. EC3 counters with a suplex to Cole and both men are down. EC3 delivers a few right hands and then connects with a back elbow. EC3 connects with a flying forearm and then suplexes him out of the corner. EC3 picks Cole up, but Cole fights out with elbows. EC3 comes back with a sit out power bomb and goes for the cover, but Cole kicks out at two. Fish, O’Reilly, and Strong get on the apron and EC3 goes after them. Cole takes advantage with a superkick and then comes off the ropes, but EC3 drops him with a clothesline.
EC3 knocks Fish and Strong to the floor and gets a quick roll-up on Cole for the pin fall.
Winner: EC3
-After the match, the ERA all attack EC3 and beat him down on the entrance ramp and the stage. Fish grabs a chair and hits EC3’s knee with it while EC3’s knee was draped over the edge of the stage.

We see that William Regal will make an announcement about the NXT Championship Match at NXT TakeOver: WarGames II later tonight.

We see a video hype package for Mia Yim, who will make her NXT debut tonight.

We see that “Voices” by Motionless in White will be one of the official theme songs for NXT TakeOver: WarGames II.

The security guards are still outside and Nikki Cross walks up to them and laughs. She says, “He’s coming” over and over again and then runs away while still laughing.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Aliyah vs. Mia Yim
Yim takes Aliyah down with a couple arm drags and then Aliyah goes to the floor to get away. Yim goes after her, but Aliyah takes control back in the ring. Aliyah drops Yim to the mat and applies a rear chin-lock. Yim tries to get free, but Aliyah sends her to the corner and connects with forearm. Aliyah delivers a Northern Lights suplex and goes for the cover, but Yim kicks out at two. Aliyah applies a modified wrist-lock down on the mat, but Yim fights out and takes Aliyah to the corner. Yim kicks Aliyah in the face and then delivers a few clotheslines. Yim dropkicks Aliyah into the corner and then kicks her in the face. Yim connects with a cannonball in the corner and then delivers Soul Food and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Mia Yim

We see Bianca Belair talking to William Regal in the hallway. She says she is undefeated and wants her title match. He says he will take it into consideration. He then walks up to Cathy Kelly. He says he does not know the name that Nikki Cross gave to Aleister Black last week. He says he knows Black will raise hell, but he is interrupted by the Undisputed ERA. They tell Regal to get his act together and stop letting people run around doing anything. Regal says it is them that needs to get their act together. He says the War Raiders will be back next week and they will take on Cole and Fish next week.

We take a look back to Roman Reigns’ announcement that he has to step away from WWE to battle leukemia.

We see a video hype package for Lacey Evans.

We see Tommaco Ciampa backstage, pacing back and forth, awaiting William Regal’s announcement.

We see the video hype package for the NXT Women’s Championship Match at Evolution between Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Justin Xavier vs. Kassius Ohno
They lock up and Xavier applies a side headlock. Ohno picks Xavier up and sends him off the ropes. Xavier goes for a shoulder tackle, but Ohno doesn’t move. Ohno shoves Xavier away, but Xavier comes back with a flying elbow shot. Ohno follows Xavier across the ring and kicks him in the face. Ohno kicks Xavier in the corner and delivers a right hand. Ohno slams Xavier to the mat and connects with a leg drop. Ohno says this is not what he asked for and Xavier fights back. Xavier sends Ohno to the corner, but Ohno comes back with a huge clothesline and then two running sentons. Ohno delivers the knockout elbow strike and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Kassius Ohno
-After the match, Nikki Cross comes to the stage and points and laughs at Ohno. She says, “He’s coming,” and “I know.” and runs away laughing again.

William Regal’s NXT Championship Match for NXT TakeOver: War Games II is up next.

We see that “Mariana Trench” by Nita Strauss will be one of the official theme songs for NXT TakeOver: War Games II.

We then see a video hype package for Matt Riddle.

William Regal is in the ring, but he is interrupted by the NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa tells Regal to wipe the smug look off of his face and tells him to not stare at the champ’s title. Ciampa tells him to make his announcement, but The Velveteen Dream’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Dream says the headliner is here. Dream says he has Mr. Regal’s scoop right here. Dream says the people want an experience at War Games. Dream says he wants Regal to say his name. Lars Sullivan’s music hits and he comes to ring as well. Sullivan says this is not up for debate because they are all standing in Lars Sullivan territory. Sullivan tells Dream to move because he is NXT’s worst nightmare. Sullivan says the NXT Championship belongs to him. Dream says he understands why Sullivan considers himself a nightmare, but Dream tells Sullivan to wear pants if he is going to speak to him. Sullivan grabs Dream around the throat, but Nikki Cross gets into the ring. She says, “He’s coming,” and we see Aleister Black attacking the security and entering the arena. He drops another guard with Black Mass and then takes out the camera man as well. Ciampa leaves the ring and then drops Sullivan with Black Mass. Black backs Regal into the corner and asks, “Where is he?” Johnny Gargano attacks Black from behind and says, “I’m right here.” NXT comes to a close with Gargano staring Black down as Regal stares at Gargano.

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