Update on ALL In 2

Oct 23, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

According to Wrestling Inc, All In 2 may be in the works. The initial trademark application filed in May 2018 on behalf of Dana Massie, Matt Jackson’s wife and President of Killing The Business, Inc., the ‘ALL IN’ trademark was meant for more than a single PPV. Among other things, the filing provides for multiple professional wrestling events and even “ongoing television programs”.

“Entertainment in the nature of professional wrestling matches, exhibitions, and tournaments and ongoing television programs in the field of professional wrestling; organizing and conducting professional wrestling matches, exhibitions, and tournaments; production and syndication of television programs featuring professional wrestling matches, exhibitions, tournaments and performances.”

The site also reports that on September 14, 2018, the USPTO delivered to Killing The Business, Inc. a letter requiring further action to finalize the approval of the ‘ALL IN’ trademark. The letter indicated that, “the nature of the exhibitions organized and conducted must be clarified” and the “applicant must amend this wording to specify the common commercial or generic name for the goods and/or services.” Killing The Business, Inc. has six months from September 14, 2018 to satisfy the USPTO as to the meaning of “exhibitions,” otherwise, the ‘ALL IN’ trademark will be considered abandoned and fair game for any trademark applicant to snap up the mark.

Killing The Business, Inc.’s trademark for ‘Young Bucks’ will be published for opposition on October 23, 2018, today. This means that the ‘Young Bucks’ trademark will be registered to Killing The Business, Inc., according to the USPTO, provided that no other party steps forward to contest the registration of the trademark within 30 days of today. If no one steps forward to contest it within the next 30 days, they will own it.

(The Spotlight)

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