Jericho Lists Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson as Mentors

Oct 23, 2018 - by James Walsh

Chris Jericho recently appeared on Larry King Now and spoke about Vince McMahon & Pat Patterson being mentors for him…

On Vince McMahon: “Not necessarily one mentor,” said Jericho. “There’s been a bunch of them. Vince [McMahon] has been a pretty big mentor of mine. I’ve been working for him for 17 years. He’s a very unique character.” “I love writing about Vince because a very unique, wacky, motivated, amazing character and he’ll never write about himself because he’s too humble, he doesn’t like talking about himself. So I’ll write about him in my book. That’s the way I like to do it.”

On Pat Patterson: “From a learning standpoint, Vince McMahon and his right-hand man, a guy called Pat Patterson,” Jericho said. “He’s in his 70’s now, but I’ve learned more from Pat on how to structure a match, about the psychology of wrestling. Wrestling is all psychology. It really is. It’s not the moves, it’s where you do things, how you do things, where you put them and selling the story of the match. I learned almost all I know from Pat Patterson.”

On His Favorite Match: “I had some great ones. I loved working with Shawn Michaels, like I said. The Rock was always great. The Rock, actually, because he is so popular now in Hollywood, people forget how good of a wrestler he was. He was a great wrestler inside the ring. Always fun to work with him. I had a ladder match with Shawn Michaels in 2008 that was a culmination of this amazing eight-month long story. That’s probably my favorite match for all of those reasons.”

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