Eva Marie on WWE: “I feel like I do have unfinished business there”

Oct 23, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

As seen below, Eva Marie sat down with Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet for an exclusive interview and she discussed her aspirations to make a return to WWE down the road.

In the interview, Marie talks about the possibility of a return and lists some opponents that she’d pair well with if she were to come back to the WWE. Marie also discusses receiving criticism from fans who think she doesn’t care about wrestling and much more!

Here are some highlights:

On having unfinished business in WWE:

“I feel like I do have unfinished business there. Ultimately, everyone — I think it would be silly if you didn’t say this — but, you know, you want the title.”

“And I feel right when I left, I was just about to arrive. So that is something still in me. No, I will not be appearing at Evolution. But … that doesn’t say that I won’t be appearing later on.”

“They need ‘All Red Everything’ to come back and spice things up.”

On being criticized for not being passionate about the wrestling business:

“I chose to leave the main roster and go back to NXT. So I’m traveling with NXT, I’m setting up rings, I’m putting in the so-called ‘work.’ So, basically, like … back off.”

“They can continue to criticize my character and stuff like that because that’s all about it. You want to cheer for somebody and you want to boo for somebody. And that’s what makes the whole segment so exciting. But then when it was like, ‘ohhhh, she doesn’t care about wrestling,’ I’m like ‘f*ck off.’ Don’t be mad because I got an opportunity and I’m busting my ass out here.”

On who she wants to wrestle in WWE if she were to return:

“That’s tough … there’s girls right now that I would love to be matched up against. So, Alexa Bliss, fantastic. I think that we’d have a fantastic program. Ronda, I feel like that’s just an easy one.”

“But I honestly think that probably, me and the [Bella] twins. I feel like people have wanted to see that since season one of Total Divas, so to actually really have a dope storyline of myself and the twins — I could bring Maryse to be my tag partner to spice it up a little bit — would be really, really cool.”

On whether she’d like to return full-time or part-time:

“It would be part-time for sure. Anyone that knows the wrestling schedule, and like the fact that I have so many other things … and then to be on the road 290 days, I feel like I’m at a time in my life where I love being with my husband and just being with my family when I can.”

“You miss a lot. You miss Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any big things. I miss birthdays and certain moments that you can’t ever get back. So I’m at a time in my life where I really want to cherish those moments.”

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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