Billy Graham: “Roman Reigns…. Fighting For His Life”

Oct 23, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Roman Reigns…. Fighting For His Life

In the photo below, we see Roman Reigns telling the world at large that his leukemia has returned. I happen to have seen him and heard every word that came out of his mouth last night, 10/22/2018, on Raw. I was extremely impressed by his brave confession and want to wish him the absolute best results in the battle that lays before him. My prayers are with him and that the doctors are successful in ridding his body of this insidious disease from Hell. The WWE world of fantasy, met the real world of life or death when Roman reigns delivered his message last night. You will win this one Roman !!

I also have met the real world of life and death as you all know when the Mayo Clinic Hospital kept me alive for two years before my liver transplant. There is no gray line here folks, nothing blurry, simply life facing death. I want to thank all of you wonderful friends on mine Facebook for your prayers and giving to my gofundme. I will just say that I now have another major health obstetrical to overcome. I have a heart disease with numerous side effects that I wont go into now.
Just keep me in your prayers and give what you can to my gofundme account, link below. Peace, to all of you. Superstar Billy Graham

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