10/23/18 Smackdown Live: Complete Recap

Oct 23, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

The New Day came down to the ring to start SmackDown. At Crown Jewel, WWE Tag Team Champions The Bar defends against The New Day. The Big Show will be in The Bar’s corner.

New Day talked about losing the titles to The Bar last week. They couldn’t believe Big Show cost them the titles. Big E noted they thought Big Show was cool. Kingston said they aren’t waiting until Crown Jewel. He demanded a fight with Big Show or The Bar.

Big Show (w/ Cesaro & Sheamus) defeated Kofi Kingston (w/ Big E. & Xavier Woods)

Cesaro and Sheamus teased starting the match but it ended up being Big Show. Kingston dropkicked Show to start things off. Show quickly took over and tossed Kingston across the ring. Show hit three consecutive choke slams on Kingston. He set up for a fourth when Big E and Woods ran in.

After the match, The Big Show and Bar beat down The New Day. Show gave Big E a choke slam and Woods the Knockout Punch. Show gave Woods a choke slam for good measure.

A recap aired of Roman Reigns speech from last night. After the video aired, the crowd chanted “Thank You Roman”.

The Usos defeated WWE Champion AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan

Bryan and Styles had the early advantage. They both hit dropkicks on the Usos and followed up with planchas to the floor. After the commercial break, The Usos isolated Bryan in their corner. Bryan and Jimmy collided in the center of the ring.

Styles got the hot tag and ran wild. Styles caught Jimmy with a knee on the apron. He locked on the Calf Crusher on Jey but Jimmy broke it up. Styles attempted the Phenomenal forearm but Jey moved. He almost hit Bryan but stopped. Styles then accidently hit Bryan with the Pelé kick. Finish came when Jey hit Styles with the superkick and Jimmy hit the splash on Styles for the win.

Backstage, Styles noted he hit Bryan accidentally. Bryan pointed out he hit Styles accidentally last week. He then implied Styles hit him on purpose. He compared Styles to Pinocchio. Bryan then gave the Too Sweet hand sign. Styles walked away and Bryan mockingly said, “Too Sweet”.

Charlotte Flair visited the WWE Performance Center to talk to the woman from NXT. She talked about being nervous when she was at the PC. She talked about Evolution and then answered questions.

Becky Lynch showed up and said they should take advice from her. She told the women if they take Flair’s advice they’ll never make it. Lynch attacked Flair and they brawled around the PC rings. Lynch threw Flair into the steps. The other women broke them up.

Backstage, Flair promised to defeat Lynch at Evolution. When she wins she won’t just be standing over a defeated opponent. She’ll be standing over a friend who lost her way.

Rusev (w/Lana) defeated Aiden English

English sang his entrance and said Lana could have had a long Aiden Night. Rusev was furious and chased English. Rusev was in control early but English briefly took over. English yelled at Lana and she threw her shoe at him. Rusev hit the Machka Kick and applied the Accolade for the win.

Tom Philips announced Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton for later tonight.

The Miz came down to the ring to host Miz TV. He recapped the events of SmackDown 1000 including Becky Lynch cutting down Edge on his own show, Evolution reuniting and Miz qualifying for the World Cup. He then introduced Rey Mysterio who returned last week and also qualified for the World Cup.

Miz said he’s happy Mysterio’s back but wondered why he returned. Mysterio noted he’s happy to be back too but Miz cut him off. He said Mysterio returned to be the underdog and climb to the top. Miz said fans aren’t interested in that anymore. They want larger than life characters like Miz. He said he’s the best in the world and is going to win the World Cup.

Mysterio said he’s disappointed because he thought he was booked for Truth TV. Miz said Truth TV was an illegal broadcast last week. Mysterio said he didn’t come back to be on a dusty old talk show. He said he came back to fight and challenged Miz. Miz believes nobody wants to see that match.

Suddenly Miz jumped Mysterio but he fought back. He set up for the 619 but Miz escaped. Tom Philips wondered if Miz would accept the challenge.

Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz

GM Paige made the match official during the commercial break.

Mysterio sent Miz to the floor with a hurricanrana. He hit a sliding dive underneath the bottom rope into a splash on Miz on the floor. Mysterio hit a cross body for a near fall. He missed a splash in the corner and Miz took over. Miz avoided the 619 and hit a DDT for a two count.

During the commercial break, Miz threw Mysterio to the floor to gain the advantage. He attempted the Skull Crushing Finale from the top but Mysterio countered. Mysterio went for a springboard splash but Miz caught him and hit a neckbreaker for a near fall. Mysterio made a comeback and hit the 619. He followed up with a splash for the win.

Naomi & Asuka vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

The match never happened. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay came down to the ring. They promised to win the battle royal at Evolution. Lana came out but before she could talk Carmella interrupted. She said nobody wants to hear anyone talk but they want a dance break. Zelina Vega ran out and threw Carmella in the ring. All the women started brawling. Vega hit the double knees on Lana and thought she was the last one in the ring. Asuka showed up and took out Vega.

Shane McMahon came down to the ring for a surprise appearance. He discussed the first women’s pay-per-view Evolution this Sunday. He then brought up the World Cup tournament.

McMahon wondered who could win and the crowd broke into a “CM Punk” chant. McMahon noted he doesn’t think he’s in the World Cup. He discussed the potential winners but hoped it’s someone from the blue brand.

Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy

Hardy missed a charge in the corner and Orton sent him to the floor. Orton viciously sent Hardy into the steps over and over. He slowed the pace down and applied a chin lock. Orton hit a standing dropkick for a near fall. He trapped Hardy in the tree of woe and pulled on Hardy’s earring hole. He then dropped Hardy on the announce table.

Hardy made a fiery comeback and hit a low dropkick for a near fall. He then hit Whisper in the Wind for another near fall. Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and set up for the Swanton Bomb. Orton rolled to the floor. Hardy attempted the Swanton off the apron but Orton moved.

Orton attempted the RKO but Hardy countered into a back slide for a near fall. Hardy attempted the Twist of Fate but Orton countered into the RKO for the win.

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