10/10/18 WWE NXT Recap: Lee vs. Reeves; Ricochet vs. Cole vs. Dunne for the North American Title

Oct 10, 2018 - by Michael Riba

NXT opens with hype for tonight’s main event, a Triple Threat Match for the NXT North American Championship with Ricochet defending the title against Adam Cole and Pete Dunne. The opening credits roll and Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us to the show. Tommaso Ciampa’s music hits and the NXT Champion makes his way to the ring.

Ciampa says the greatest sports entertainer of all time now has the greatest entrance music of all time. Ciampa says one person always has to try and stand out from everyone else. Ciampa says that one person is now The Velveteen Dream. Dream comes to the stage and says everything Ciampa says is amusing, especially calling himself the greatest sports entertainer of all time. Dream calls Ciampa an angry, little, bald man and Ciampa cuts him off. Ciampa says he may be an angry, little, bald man, but he is an angry, little bald man with a title. Ciampa says Dream wants his spotlight and his NXT title. Ciampa says Dream doesn’t even believe himself when he accused Ciampa of attacking Aleister Black. Ciampa says Dream just wants attention and tells him to be a man and admit it. Ciampa holds the title to his ear and then says that the title thinks that Dream is not tough enough.
Dream gets into the ring and he says he is tough enough and man enough. Dream says he is more man than Ciampa can handle and if he wants to find out, all he has to do is give him a moment with he and the NXT title. Nikki Cross’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring. Cross bounces around in the ring and then smiles at Ciampa. She puts her head on Ciampa’s arm and then goes to mess with Dream. She leans in to the title belt and then knocks the microphone out of Ciampa’s hand. She goes to the mat and says, “I know what you did, too” while talking to Ciampa. She runs at Dream, but he scurries out of the ring. Ciampa stares her down as she says, “I know” over and over again.

We see Adam Cole warming up for his match backstage, but coming up next is Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves.

Back from the break, we see Pete Dunne warming up for his match backstage.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves
They lock up and Reeves backs Lee into the corner. Reeves smacks Lee, but Lee powers him into the corner and delivers rights and lefts. Lee chops Reeves and then delivers a dropkick. Lee dumps Reeves to the floor, but Reeves wraps him up in the ring skirt and then drops him with a kick to the face. Reeves delivers forearm shots and then delivers an elbow drop from the middle rope. Reeves applies a face-lock and then delivers a few right hands. Lee fires up and drops Reeves with The Pounce. Lee drops Reeves with the Supernova and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Keith Lee

We are reminded that Kairi Sane will defend the NXT Women’s Championship against Shayna Baszler at WWE Evolution on Sunday, October 28th. We then see a video hype package for Baszler. We then see an interview Sane. Sane she is excited to compete at Evolution. Sane says Baszler can train all she wants, but she will beat her again.

We see Ricochet getting ready for his match backstage. The main event is up next.

Backstage, someone asks William Regal for an update on his investigation into who attacked Aleister Black. He says he is not going to reveal his list of suspects and then sees Kassius Ohno outside of his office. Ohno asks Regal if he has put any thought into their recent conversation. Regal says Ohno is not a suspect and Ohno says he knows, because Regal doesn’t think he is a threat. Ohno asks where NXT’s newest shiny toy is and Regal says he doesn’t know. Ohno says Regal doesn’t know a lot and says maybe his new “bromance” is the one who attacked Black. Nikki Cross walks up and says, “I know what you did” to Ohno before walking away.

We see that The Undisputed ERA will defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against War Raiders on next week’s show. We then take a look back at how that match came to be.

We then see that Nikki Cross will go one-on-one with Bianca Belair on next week’s show as well.

Match #2 – NXT North American Championship – Triple Threat Match: Ricochet (c) vs. Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunne
Dunne and Ricochet beat down Cole in the corner, but Dunne shoves Ricochet away. Ricochet then shoves Dunne away and beats down Cole and then Dunne gets sent to the floor. Cole comes back and delivers a quick kick to Ricochet. Ricochet comes back and drops Cole with a dropkick. Ricochet turns his attention to Dunne, but Cole tosses him to the floor. Dunne gets into the ring and drops Cole with a clothesline. Cole goes to the floor as Ricochet gets back into the ring. Dunne applies a standing arm-bar and then goes for joint manipulation, but Ricochet counters. Cole gets back into the ring, but Dunne drops him to the mat and applies a Lumber Special as Ricochet delivers a dropkick. Ricochet goes for a handshake with Dunne, but Dunne clocks him with a right hand. Dunne grabs Ricochet and begins joint manipulation.
Dunne goes for a right hand, but Ricochet dodges and drops Dunne to the mat. Ricochet applies a modified Texas Cloverleaf, but Cole breaks it up. Cole stomps away on Ricochet and Dunne and tosses Ricochet to the floor. Cole delivers a neck-breaker to Dunne and goes for the cover, but Dunne kicks out at two. Cole drops a forearm onto Dunne and then follows it up with a knee. Ricochet tries to springboard back into the ring, but Cole knocks him back to the floor. Dunne comes back with a kick, but Cole counters with a kick to the face. Cole goes for the cover, but Dunne kicks out at two. Dunne fights back with right hands and then delivers an enzuiguri. Ricochet springboards back into the ring and drops Dunne with a hurricanrana. Ricochet kicks Cole in the back of the head and then moonsaults onto Dunne on the floor.
Ricochet drops Cole with an uppercut and goes for the cover, but Cole kicks out at two. Ricochet lifts Cole up, but Dunne gets back into the ring and drops him with a right hand. Dunne throws Cole into the corner and then kicks Ricochet in the back of the head. Dunne keeps Ricochet and Cole grounded and then locks in a single leg Boston Crab on both men. Ricochet gets free and then he applies a standing octopus stretch on Dunne. Cole gets to his feet and delivers a neck-breaker to Ricochet and goes for the cover, but Ricochet kicks out at two. All three men exchange shots on the mat and battle to their feet. Cole kicks Dunne in the head and delivers a knee shot to Ricochet. Cole goes for the cover, but Ricochet kicks out at two. Dunne gets back into the ring, but Ricochet drops he and Cole with kicks. Ricochet connects with a standing Shooting Star Press to Dunne.
Cole comes back and drops Ricochet to the mat and all three men are down. Dunne and Cole go for the cover at the same time, but Ricochet rolls out of the way. Dunne and Cole battle on the mat and then Dunne stands on Cole’s hands. Dunne stomps onto Cole’s hands and then kicks him in the head. Cole rolls to the apron and Dunne goes after him, but Cole drops him with a face-buster. Cole goes for a superkick, but Dunne moves and Cole kicks the steps. Dunne grabs Cole and stomps his hand onto the steps. Ricochet kicks Dunne in the face and springboards, but Cole moves and kicks Ricochet in the face. Dunne connects with a moonsault from the steps to take Cole and Ricochet down. Dunne tosses Ricochet back into the ring and connects with the X-Plex and goes for the cover, but Cole breaks it up at two. Dunne shoves Cole to the floor and goes up top, but Cole cuts him off.
Cole climbs as well and then Ricochet does, too. Ricochet delivers a double hurricanrana to send Dunne and Cole to the mat. Ricochet delivers a reverse rana and then a Flatliner to Dunne and goes for the cover, but Dunne kicks out at two. Ricochet goes up top, but Cole cuts him off. Cole goes after Dunne, but Dunne manipulates his joints. Cole rolls up Dunne with his feet on the ropes, but Dunne kicks out at two. Dunne comes back with the Bitter End to Cole, but Ricochet goes for the Shooting Star Press. Dunne catches him and locks in a triangle submission. Ricochet lifts Dunne up, but Dunne holds on and manipulates his joints. Cole kicks Dunne in the face and then delivers the Last Shot to Ricochet. Cole delivers the neck-breaker to Dunne and goes for the cover, but Dunne kicks out at two.
Dunne comes back with a clothesline and then delivers the Bitter End. Ricochet breaks it up with a springboard 450 and gets the pin fall on Dunne.
Winner and still NXT North American Champion: Ricochet

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