Sting intended to push for Undertaker match before career ending injury

Oct 9, 2018 - by James Walsh

Sting recently spoke with Bill Apter on The Apter Chat (via Wrestling Inc), and once again discussed the match with Undertaker that he didn’t get…

On Always Wanting The Undertaker Match: “It’s a dream match for sure for [pro] wrestling fans all over the world and it was a dream match for me too.” Sting continued, “I’ve never heard The Undertaker reciprocate that once, so I don’t know how he feels about it exactly, but I always wanted to have one match with him. But by the time I got my foot in the door with WWE, even at my first WrestleMania, I had hopes that some [way] or another, I could end up doing [it]. And I wanted it to be my last match, against Undertaker, to go out like that. And I think there was probably potential for it to happen, and then, I got hurt!”

On His WWE Deal: “I mean, I was just doing one-offs with them.” Sting recalled, “yep, that’s exactly what it was and I was making it known that I would like to have that last match with Taker. And then, one time in Albany [New York], they had pretty much signed [a match] with Brock [Lesnar] and Taker, so that one was already done. And we just couldn’t, for whatever reason, get it to happen. And I don’t have all the reasons. I just know that it never happened, obviously. And I wanted it to.”

On Pushing For The Undertaker Match: “I think that if I could have made it through that last match with Seth, I was really going to push hard to see if I could get that WrestleMania [program] with Taker. I had so many ideas that developed over a couple of decades based on his character and my character and some of the ideas I had in my head. Someday, someone’s going to do some pretty cool stuff like that with characters that are similar, and it all has to do with sleight of hand, and special effects, and holograms… Oh man, I had some ideas that would’ve rocked everybody. I mean, it would have matched his character and mine. And I believe it would leave people with their jaws open.” Sting added, “they would’ve been very, very entertained.”

On Getting Inured Against Rollins: “It was just a freak accident and I’m telling you, Seth, it is not his fault.” Sting explained, “I mean, not even the slightest percentage of anything. I mean, it was without question, it was me. And to this day, I cannot figure out what the heck I was thinking. My neck, I mean, I whiplashed pretty bad twice in a row. And it was the first one that caused a shock to go down both arms, left and right, all the way down to my fingertips, where it felt like my fingertips were stung by bees. And then, the second one, I got up to my feet, and we were trying to continue the match, and my legs started to feel like rubber bands, and I realized, ‘I don’t have control over my legs! I’m afraid if I start running the ropes right now, I’m going to blow my knee out, break a bone, tear everything up.’ I mean, I didn’t have any control, so I went down to all fours and tried to figure out what the heck was going on. But it wasn’t his fault. He did nothing! End of story.”

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