Zeda Zhang on the first Mae Young Classic: “That was so much fun”

Oct 8, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“That was so much fun, but it flew by. Like, we were just training and out of no where Sara Amato pulls us aside and was like you guys are going to in Mae Young. And then nothing was spoken about it for probably about a month or something. So, all of sudden out of no where, it was like the week of, they were like ‘we got to go and do everything’… and it was rush rush rush. You’re filming all day, your doing shoots and I didn’t get to enjoy it, because it was literally just a blur. And I remember, my music starts and I’m in the back and I’m was out and I’m like oh my gosh here we go, this is about to start and all of sudden… ding ding and it was over. But overall it was a great experience.”

source: Women’s Wresting Weekly

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