Impact VP Scott D’Amore gives details on meeting with WWE

Oct 8, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Via pro wrestling sheet

The recent meeting between execs from WWE and Impact Wrestling had “no agenda” according to Scott D’Amore — he claims it was done simply to establish a better relationship going forward.

The Impact Vice President talked about the meeting on the latest Wrestling Perspective podcast with hosts Petey Williams and Dennis Farrell.

Since the beginning of the year we’ve done three content deals with WWE,” he explained. “I think that WWE is seeing that this is a different day with Impact Wrestling and I think maybe, on the most minute of levels, maybe they’re seeing it’s a different day and age in wrestling.”

Adding, “There was a meeting, we got together, we talked and it was kinda like ‘Hey, it’s kinda nice to be face-to-face and say hello and just say that it’s 2018, it’s a whole different world, and there’s no reason why people shouldn’t communicate.’”

D’Amore went on to state there was no agenda when it came to the meeting, saying “it’s just how the business is now … which I think is tremendous.”

Additionally, Scott claims Impact’s current relationship with ROH is also friendly.


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