Booker T & Young Bucks Discuss Their Backstage Incident

Oct 5, 2018 - by James Walsh

During a recent episode of Booker T’s podcast (via Wrestling Inc), the Bucks set the record straight regarding their heat with Booker T from their 2011 WWE tryout…

Nick on Where They Are Now: “Man, we’ve been blessed right now.” Nick explained, “we’re in a position where we’re pretty much doing whatever we want and we have the freedom to pretty much wrestle for whatever company we would like to do. And, man, it [has] been a journey to get to the point where we have control of our destiny, so to speak, but, man, we’re enjoying life and we’re enjoying our career right now.”

Matt on Their 15-Year Journey: “It [has] been this long journey, but people don’t realize we’ve been doing this for 15 years now and it kind of seems like an overnight success story, but really I wouldn’t say we really didn’t become successful until 10 years in, right? It took 10 years of just trying our hardest, and scratching, and crawling, and trying to get something going. It took 10 years for us to start making money in wrestling, and, now, we’re in a position where wrestling has almost become supplementary money to our real money where we make money in merchandising and we make money in these third party things to where it’s like wrestling is kind of like the cherry on top. Like, we don’t even need to wrestle at this point. Like, we could kind of chill at home and shoot a YouTube show if we really wanted to.” Matt concluded, “so, like, again, like Nick said, we’re very blessed to be in the position that we’re in and it feels like there’s this big boom going on in independent wrestling and we’re at the forefront of it.”

Nick on Past Heat With Booker: “I’ll say it right now, being back there at that stage in our career, it’s like walking on eggshells.” Nick professed, “you don’t know who to say ‘hi’ to. You don’t know if you’re disrespecting anyone, so we were just trying to be out of the way and with us trying to be out of the way, we ended up not being out of the way because I was the one who was accidentally leaning on [Booker’s] jacket, but I had no clue that I was. And when [Booker] came up to me, I was so intimidated and scared to death! I was like, ‘oh no! What did I do?’

Matt on Past Heat With Booker: “We had just left our position at [Impact] Wrestling and we were kind of just, if anything, going for a tryout with the WWE to create a bit of a buzz. I think at that point, we had already known that we were going to sign a contract with Ring Of Honor, so we were kind of just going to say ‘hello’ and maybe get the internet talking like, ‘hey, these [Impact] kids are backstage at WWE. Are they going to go there now?’ So we really didn’t want to make a big stink out of it, and then, it ended up becoming the biggest story online. And do you know what, Booker? In a way, like, I have to credit you for doing that for us because I look back on it now, and, I think, honestly, our first big break because it was the first time that everybody was talking about us. And, now, everybody knew our names and instead of, like, shying away from it, or, like, defend [ourselves] and basically tell everyone, ‘no, we were just shy kids, we were embarrassed, and blah, blah, blah,’ we decided, ‘hey, let’s make this our characters and let’s do this on social media, and put it online,’ honestly, it’s what got us over.” Matt said, “so [Booker] helped get us over to the point where people knew who we were!”

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