Sid Vicious Says Paige Should Have Been Fired for Sex Tape Leak

Oct 3, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Sid Vicious had some strong opinions about WWE making Paige the Smackdown General Manager a year after her infamous sex tape leak. The WWE and WCW alumnus did an interview with Hannibal TV and talked about Paige’s role as GM, saying he believes she should have been fired by WWE.

In the video, which you can see below, Vicious suggests that Paige leaked the images herself and said of her promotion to General Manager after her in-ring retirement, “I think it’s the stupidest thing, but again…it goes to how the business is. When the business is down like it is, they’ll ok things like that.”

He added, “After that, I wouldn’t have her on my show. I would’ve fired her immediately…Let them do dark matches or something, but don’t make them the GM of your show.”

The video and some similar photos were stolen from Paige’s devices after they got hacked. The leaks garnered considerable controversy, but Paige’s role as Smackdown GM didn’t hinder WWE from securing a deal with FOX to carry Smackdown starting in October of 2019 for a five-year deal worth over a billion dollars in total.

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