Some major changes are reportedly coming to the WWE Network

Oct 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

According to Mike Johnson of PWinsider, there are some major changes coming to the WWE Network. The report says that the current idea is for these changes to be implemented by 2019. Below are some of the key points about the changes that are potentially coming:

– Vince McMahon is reportedly overseeing the entire process and is working with Kevin Dunn and Brad Blum (WWE’s Chief of Staff). They are working on ways to tweak the company’s strategies for original programming and also to finally put together a tiered version of the WWE Network (which has been rumored for a few years now).

– For those of you wondering, here is what WWE pitched about a tiered system in a survey that was sent out in 2016 (via PWInsider):

“2016’s Plan One – FREE, featuring five hours of archived material, five minute video clips, and a 24/7 live stream that would feature WWE content without PPVs, NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic. The idea would be that this would be a free service, featuring commercials, that would be available to watch on all devices. Think Hulu’s free content without a subscription.

2016’s Plan Two – Priced $4.99 a month would feature the WWE Network as it currently exists, with the exception of NXT and its Takeover specials, would feature limited commercials and access to only the “Big Four” WWE PPV events. The tier would also feature a VOD proponent that would add all new WWE “live events” (assuming this would mean Raw, Smackdown, etc.) 30 days after they air. This content would only be available for those watching via phones and tablets.

2016’s Plan Three – Priced at the still-current WWE Network price of $9.99 would offer the WWE Network as it currently exists, except WWE NXT would air live every week (similar to how Raw and Smackdown currently air). This would also have limited commercials.

2016’s Plan Four – Priced at $14.99, this version would feature a commercial free version of the WWE Network with all the current bells and whistles, a live version of NXT, a weekly Cruiserweight Classic series, and “access to independent wrestling content such as TNA & Ring of Honor” plus additional “Fan Perks” including early ticket ordering access, the right to vote in the WWE Hall of Famer, “offline” content download, small group online chats, exclusive second screen content and invites to exclusive in-person VIP meet-ups”

– Johnson says that WWE is looking at possibly acquiring other video libraries (from other promotions) for the Network.

– The hope is reportedly for them to try and lock in their new WWE Network strategy within the next month or so. They hope to officially implement these changes sometime in 2019.

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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