10/1/18 WWE Raw Results

Oct 1, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Note: Unfortunately, Marc Middleton was unable to cover Raw live tonight.

Raw kicks off with Dean Ambrose being interview about The Shield & Baron Corbin interrupts and gives Dean 3 options.

1. To face Seth Rollins for The IC Title

2. To face Roman Reigns For The universal Title

3. To face Braun Strowman

Dean ignores the options and wants to face Baron Corbin instead, so Corbin decides Dean will face Braun

Winner: Braun Strowman (by disqualification)

Reigns with a boot to Braun and then Seth with a boot off the turnbuckles. Seth and Roman with a double shoulder tackle to send Braun to the floor.

Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin come out.

Baron says this is not happening. He says if you can’t let Dean fight his own battles. It will be Seth Rollins versus Drew McIntyre later tonight. Roman Reigns will face Dolph Ziggler now.

Roman Reigns beat Dolph Ziggler

Konnor defeats Bobby Roode ….

Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring.

Shawn says it feels good to be home again. The last time ever. You gotta imagine what it is like to know going into something how intense and intimidating it will be when before it happens you can begin to feel that gamut of emotions. Is it stress, anxiety, nervousness, sadness, or joy? Shawn says he has felt each and every one of them with you but now it is time in Melbourne.

Shawn says he pried his wallet open and booked a first class flight for the 100 hour trip to Australia. Shawn says he wanted to attend the show as a fan.

An innocent bystander . . . until a couple of weeks ago. Then it got personal. The Undertaker, through no fault of his own, made this personal a long time ago with Triple H, but then Taker made him make a choice for who he thought would win and who he would stand behind.

Shawn says he had nothing but the utmost respect for the Undertaker but every day of the week and twice on Sunday, he will pick his best friend. For one reason or another, that upset the Undertaker. You made this personal and now it is. You have your brother Kane in your corner & Triple H has his brother in his corner.

Shawn tells Kane that if you or anyone else tries to crowd that ring, he will brush you back courtesy of some Sweet Chin Music.

Kane’s pyro goes off and he appears behind Shawn in the ring. Shawn turns into an uppercut from Kane.

The lights go out and the gong sounds. Undertaker appears in the ring as Shawn gets back to his feet.

Taker picks up Shawn and Triple H’s music starts so Taker puts Shawn down while Hunter runs to the ring.

Hunter punches Taker but Kane grabs Hunter. Hunter with punches to Kane and Taker. Kane grabs HHH by the throat but Shawn stops him. Kane and Undertaker choke slam Shawn and Hunter. Hunter and Shawn struggle to get back to their feet and Taker returns to the ring. Taker gets HHH up for a Tombstone and hits it.
Kane and Undertaker leave the ring.

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