Big Vito Lograsso on his new Horror Movie and the Liv Morgan Concussion

Sep 30, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Former ECW, WCW & WWE Superstar Big Vito LoGrasso has traded the Wrestling Ring for the bright lights of Hollywood with the new Horror Film “The Church”. Vito discusses his big role in the film plus share his thoughts on the Liv Morgan concussion controversy including how Michael Cole “Blew It” (25:22 Mark):

On The Big Vito Brand and Lil Noel’s Podcasting (29:28)
We have a bunch of interviews lined up for the Big Vito Brand. My Wife Noel really took off with that one Podcast, Teen Mom, where she got 500,000 downloads. We’d like to get our chance on the Realm Network because you know Vince Russo mentored me in the podcast game and he’s given us a lot of help.

Thoughts on Brie Bella giving Liv Morgan a Concussion (31:01)
hey listen I love the Bella Twins; I’ve known them since they started. I love them to death. They’re nice girls and entertaining, BUT.. You can’t do somebody else’s gimmick. You can’t do your husband’s stuff especially when you haven’t perfected the craft. She just came back off of injury and here she’s throwing kicks? Bashing someone’s face in? This is nothing against Brie, it’s just an observation. If you haven’t been in the ring for a long time get your grounds, learn the basics again and get your feel for the game. Trying to come out there and do the yes gimmick trying to copy the kicks and you haven’t done it before and you aren’t doing it on a regular basis and you go and do something like that; it’s dangerous for everyone out there.

Strong Thoughts on Michael Cole Blowing It (33:18)
The Announcers totally blew it when they said she was in the back and there she was on the side. You can’t cover something up unless everyone is on point. I think it’s horrible sometimes when they try to cover something up. Just be honest. Ringside doctors are taking care of her, that’s all you have to say. When the camera went to her there she is being attended to when Michael Cole said she was in the back. Bad Broadcasting; BAD! You’re trying to hide something and it shows. Clean up your game, get on point and get together from the top. I don’t know if he got suspended, got a reprimand or what. You’re not protecting the guys, not protecting the girls and not protecting the business. Look around, have awareness and know what’s going on!

Vito continues discussing he goals in the Acting World, his latest visit to Disney World plus his wife Lil Noel LoGrasso checks in for a hilarious moment. Hear latest edition of the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast

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