Adam Cole on people not believing he’s a WWE wrestler due to his size

Sep 28, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Adam Cole recently appeared on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness and revealed that there are people out there who don’t believe he’s a WWE wrestler due to his size even when he was champion (some being TSA agents).

People Not Believing He’s a WWE Wrestler Due to His Size: “Because of me and my size I often get asked if I work in the office. I’ll get asked that. Uh huh. Oh my God, every time… it’s unbelievable! Right. The people who are the worst are the TSA agents, so when I traveled with the NXT North American Championship, that often times is when I would get the… they would take the championship out, and look at it, and say, ‘what’s this?’ I’d say, ‘oh, it’s a championship belt.’ And they’d say, ‘for what?’ And I’d say, ‘for wrestling.’ And they would look at the belt, look at me, look back at the belt with just the most interesting look on their faces. Like, ‘guy, I’m right here! I’m right here, man.’ There is nothing that makes me more falsely arrogant, like, wanting to defend myself, than a TSA agent. Like, automatically, I’m like, ‘I may be small, but I’m really good. Like, that championship says it right there.’”

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