The Great Khali holding international event in Jammu to help the youth

Sep 24, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

The Indian Express reports that former WWE Superstar The Great Khali (aka Dalip Singh Rana) is planning to hold an international event in Jammu, India to help wean the state’s youth from drug addiction and stone pelting to help channel their energy into sporting activities.

Khali told reporters: “I will work to provide them the required opportunity so that they can focus on sports and earn a name for themselves, for the state and the nation. I am planning to organise a big international level competition in Jammu in near future and to make it possible, I will try to meet the state Governor (Satya Pal Malik).”

The event will focus on sports as an avenue to divert the attention of youth from drugs and bad paths they have chosen for themselves. Also, he advised youth and the residents of the Kashmir valley to join his Continental Wrestling Entertainment Academy in Jalandhar. Additionally, he promised to open a branch in Jammu later on.

He added, “The proper platform was never provided to the youth, who got inclined towards drugs and wrong path. My endeavor will be to set them on the right path.” The Great Khali continued, “We have a lot of talent here. If a proper platform is given to them, I am sure they will win lot of fame and medals for the state and the nation as well.”

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