Pilot for WWE Network Show featuring Woken Matt & Hardy family to film next month

Sep 24, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE is planning to film a pilot for a Hardy special. Over the weekend, Hardy teased in a post on his official Twitter account that there would be some guests coming to his compound in the near future in Cameron, North Carolina.

According to the report By Ryan Satin, the special is slated to be filmed in early October and is only a pilot at this point. It could be turned into a series if greenlit.

If you recall, the company recently sent out a survey to their fans about potential WWE Network shows and one of those series was titled, House Hardy: Halloween special.

According to the synopsis of the special, it would allow fans to “Go inside the WONDERFUL world of the Hardy family in this delightful short form scripted sitcom, featuring Matt and Jeff Hardy!”

On Sunday, Hardy tweeted the following, “#SenorBenjamin, I need you to prepare The Dome of DELETION & The Hardy Compound for…. CELEBRATION!

#HouseHardy is expecting guests in the near future..

And also prepare the Battlefield for MASSACRE.. if needed.


(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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