Video: Joey Janela suffers apparent knee injury at GCW Event

Sep 23, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

PWInsider reports that Joey Janela appeared to suffer a serious injury last night night at a Game Changer Wrestling event in New Jersey. Janela appeared to be limping after performing a dive spot on Psicosis during their match.

As a result, the match appeared to be cut short. Janela pinned Psicosis after a superkick after he had some help from his manager, Penelope Ford.

After the match, Janela got on the microphone and apologized to the crowd about the match and his injury. He said that he “knew” this one was bad. He was reportedly very shaken up during the promo and then broke down saying his career had a lot of momentum but would be derailed for a while.

GCW staff reportedly requested a lot of ice for Janela after the match, and then Janela went to the hospital in order to get checked out.

Some footage of Joey Janela suffering his injury has been posted on Twitter, which is available below. Joey Janela also posted on his status after getting to the emergency room on Twitter, which you can also see below.

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